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Celtic Style
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We just love it when a couple brings in their cultural heritage to a wedding celebration!

Whether it’s a Mariachi band, bagpipes or the family plaid–shown on the cute groom above–a nod to those who came before you is a welcome addition to your wedding.  You can get great Celtic fashions from Scottsdale’s own Claymore Imports.


Aside from the wearin’ of the family plaid, Celtic traditions include the bride donning a brooch that is said to bring good luck. The Lukenbooth brooch, which originated in Scotland in the sixteeth century, was a heart-shaped token of love, often given at weddings and engagements.

This traditional gift given to a man’s sweetheart was considered a lucky charm, and when worn on the bridal gown, it was said to protect the wearer against evil eyes and the attention of fairies. Even if you’re not worried about fairies, the sentiment behind the Lukenbooth brooch is charming.

While vintage pieces are hard to find, newer versions of these brooches can be found on the following websites:;;

Image courtesy of Zweddingz by Philip Ramackers & Co.

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You’re going to flip!
categories: entertainment, favor and gift ideas, what's hot in rentals

One of the many surprises at the Phoenix Bride & Groom 10th Anniversary Party was the most amazing activity/favor–custom made flipbooks by Flipbook Memories. Hats, feather boas and fun signs were provided and you’d be amazed how much fun seven seconds of fame can be.


Amy Wahl and her team set us up for some great memory-making with a computer that films and produces these nifty books in about 90 seconds.  They can make 40-50 flipbooks in one hour!


flipbookI can’t stop looking at the two books I made at our party and remembering what fun we had. Ours were imprinted with our 10th anniversary cover–they would look so great with your monogram and wedding date in your wedding colors.

Images by Sedona Bride.

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Make a wish!
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Say goodbye to the goofy homemade bouquet crafted from the leftover ribbons from your bridal shower.

Thanks to Michelle Eier at Petal Wishes, you can carry good wishes and a fashionable bouquet during your wedding rehearsal. Bridesmaids take note: these kits are going to be hot!

You begin with a kit fashioned by Michelle right here in Arizona. It includes vellum “petals” and special pens that will be used to create the flowers of this heartwarming bouquet. Guests give the bride their advice–anything from “treat each other with kindness” to “kiss! kiss! kiss!” –right on the petals.


Together with special beads and tulle, the wishes make their way into an arrangement you’ll never forget.

It’s a perfect activity for a bridal shower, and much better than a guest book because it has a practical use. What bride wouldn’t want to carry the wishes and dreams of her best friends and family members with her as she prepares for her new marriage?


You can see the bouquets up close at Twirl and read all about how Michelle came up with this fab idea on her website:


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Top this!
categories: cakes and sweets

DSC_0037-rbrunette couple 200 dpi

Struggling to find a cake topper that really expresses who the two of you are? It’s a common dilemma and one that has yielded a great new product from Ambrosia of Tucson. Cake maven Jaynie Rossi, known for her one-of-a-kind cakes, now creates personalized cake toppers.

We’ve seen firefighter cake toppers and police officer cake toppers, but what if you’re not blonde and blue eyed, or what if the bride is taller than the groom?

DSC_0017-r brunett with soldier 200dpi

Jaynie’s toppers begin with a photograph of the bride and groom and photos of the bridal gown and tuxedo. The toppers reflect the dress and tux, hair and eye color, height difference between the pair and any distinguishing factors that the couple desires.

DSC_0002-r cake topper blonde 200dpi

Our event planner friends are huge fans of this product and we have to admit we think it’s pretty neat too!

Images by Zweddingz by Philip Ramackers and Co.

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Glamour and Grace
categories: fabulous reception sites, floral inspiration, for your ceremony, from the consultants, photography, Scottsdale Weddings


Sometimes the team at Phoenix Bride and Groom just gets swept away by the gorgeous weddings we get to cover. If this wedding doesn’t put you in the mood for love, we don’t know what will.


Rekha and Neil were married at the Four Seasons last October and tradition was very important to them. North and South Indian customs are rich with color and meaning, and Rekha and Neil beautifully blended them in a ceremony that will melt your heart.


We are preparing a story on this spectacular celebration for the Winter/Spring 2010 issue of Phoenix Bride and Groom, so we won’t give away all the delicious details, but we couldn’t keep it all to ourselves.

neiland rekha

Tremendous thanks to photographer Ben Quillinan and event coordinator Amy Mancuso who shared this fabulous wedding. And congratulations to the newlyweds!


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A vineyard romance
categories: destination weddings and honeymoons, fabulous reception sites, for your ceremony, photography


Most people imagine the famous red rock landscape when they picture weddings in Sedona.

We’re learning that vortexes and vineyards blend quite nicely.

Katrina Wallace and Andrew Mejia let out Sedona’s romantic secret when they put together this Vineyard Wedding photo shoot. We couldn’t keep it to ourselves–we had to share it!


Love among the verdant paths of the vineyard is romantic, elegant and a little bit unexpected in Sedona. We’ve fallen in love with the concept and this gorgeous venue, Page Springs Cellars.


To see the entire slideshow, visit

Photography: Sedona Bride

Event Design: VanDamme Weddings

Floral Design: Bliss Extraordinary Floral

Hair Styling and Makeup: Patricia Vega

Videography: Taltos Video Productions

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