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Popcorn Gone Glam
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I am a girl who will confess many things, as you will find out the more you visit.

Today’s confession is that I am utterly, unabashedly, completely addicted to popcorn. I grew up eating it every night after a well-balanced dinner during TV time with my family. Sadly, many nights I sat solo at the dining room table glaring at my cold carrots in the dark watching the rest of my family nosh on their popcorn happily.

Clearly, I have an emotional tie to the crunchy stuff so when Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine celebrated 10 fabulous years last summer and included a popcorn table, I was smitten. It was a bit embarrasing how I hovered, claiming to be helping keep the table stocked up. This popcorn was special and needed tending to.

The evening’s theme was a Sophisticated Circus and popcorn was a natural choice. As Victoria Canada of Victoria Canada Weddings and Events explains,

“To me, the circus is fun and a celebration so that fit the 10th Anniversary occasion but also, the wedding industry can be a bit of a circus…we all juggle many balls!”

Also, this wedding planner with more than 10 years experience likes to mix things up. I think she’s actually allergic to doing something the same way twice (unless it’s good planning practices!) so instead of a traditional Candy Bar/Buffet, which is very popular and with good reason, she added her own twist and presented a Popcorn Bar.

Popular flavors Churro and (surprise!) Pineapple Jalepeno were accompanied by vintage circus themed signs from Celebrations in Paper and sweet popcorn bags found at Etsy

We had a ball at the Circus, I mean, 10th Anniversary Party. Thanks to those who lent us their creative genius to make it so special!

Chatting Soon~Kelly

Images courtesy of Sedona Bride

Popcorn Bar set-up, stylized and provided by Victoria Canada Weddings and Events

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The Destination Honeymoon Couple (Part 1): Makeup
categories: destination weddings and honeymoons, health and beauty

International make-up artist Corinna B.  is the girl to know. She leads a life of glamorous parties, celebrity pals and global jet-setting. She’s gorgeous, she knows how to make you gorgeous, and she’s a New Zealander. Pretty cool, right?

Recently, she divulged so many invaluable tips and bits of wisdom with us that we are writing a series for you, “The Destination Honeymoon Couple”.  Today, Corinna talks makeup!

When it comes to makeup there are so many options to choose from – it can be overwhelming. But there are seven simple steps to streamline what to pack and how to vary your look a little.

 1. Pare it all down! You only need a few key products. Keep your makeup story simple. Take one eyeshadow set, such as a neutral color palette, or for fun a plum palette, and then change it up with different colored eyeliners and lips.

2. Transfer foundation from its heavy bottle into plastic travel bottles or jars. Face Atelier sells sets of travel jars, ideal for foundation, concealer and lip glosses. Buy travel sized primers and powders.


3. Pack a slimlined blush and a bronzer so you can add a little color where and when you need it!

4. Change your look with different fun lipsticks and lip glosses. A soft pink, a hot pink and a tangerine give you plenty of options!                                                      


5. Makeup Forever Aqualiners are waterproof. Grab a couple of different colors for variety or to change up your look.

6. Buy a waterproof or water resistant mascara. Nars has a fabulous water resistant mascara that builds lovely long lashes without clumping or bulking.

7. The ultimate travel makeup product is Nars The Multiple Tint. These are super sheer buildable colors that can be used on cheeks, eyes and lips. For a mere whisper of color, or for bold fun color – you decide!                                


 Try the limited edition colors Cadaques (fuchsia) Beverly Hill (bright red) or Turks and Caicos (orange)

Pack your makeup into well structured beauty bags, such as the ML Traveler by Stephanie Johnson. (For more info on Stephanie Johnson travel accessories, click here!)

Look sexy, beautiful and totally lovely as you’re jetting off into the sunset on the honeymoon of your dreams with your brand new husband and GO HAVE FUN!

*Corinna B is an award winning makeup artist.  Her blog is read daily all around the globe in many languages and she is also seen most weeks as beauty expert on . You can follow her on Twitter and on her Facebook page.  Her makeup brushes can be found at

Image by Light Rain Images, a Phoenix wedding photographer

Shot on location at the beautiful Scottsdale Resort

Chatting Soon~Kelly

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Sedona Has Options
categories: destination weddings and honeymoons, fabulous reception sites, for your ceremony

It’s no secret, resorts and venues have gotten more creative with their packages to entice couples. They realize not everyone wants the same thing for their wedding and reception and they have decided to be more flexible with their options- something we can all appreciate.

When I came across Sedona Golf Resort’s Princess Package, I knew I had found something good. It’ s an all inclusive package for a maximum of 44 guests for 3 hours. You get a gorgeous view of the famous Sedona Red Rocks, all the items you need for your wedding and guests (chairs, bouquet, officiant, etc.), and delicious brunch menu items to choose from. This is a true all-inclusive offer!

Look at these views!

Not every wedding is going to be on a Saturday night for 250 people. Some couples prefer to have daytime weddings and receptions that are more intimate but do not want to compromise on aesthetics. With Sedona Golf Resort’s Princess Package option, you can have what’s good for you!

Chatting Soon~Kelly

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Star Power Gift Idea
categories: bridal fashions, favor and gift ideas, for your ceremony, Trends

Ohhhhh Brides, do I have something gorgeous to share with you today! Raise your hand if you like shiny baubles, twinkling trinkets, and star power. I figured we would have this in common!

Vahan Jewelry has inspired celebrities such as Katy Perry, Lo Bosworth, Jessalyn Gilsig (of the fantastic “Glee”) and Lucy Hale of Pretty Little Liars to amp up their style power with Vahan Stacking Bracelets. Look at how beautifully the bracelets compliment their dresses:

My favorite look- Ms. Lo Bosworth:

Now, can you see your best girls topping off their bridesmaids dresses with these beauties? They are also perfect as an accessory to your own dazzling wedding gown. You and glamour should definitely get to know each other!

Here are a few more photos to drool over…

You know, I am always looking out for you busy brides and if you go with the Vahan Jewelers Stacking Bracelets, you are not only able to check off a to-do (bridesmaids gifts) on your massive list but you can also be sure to earn Best Bride status in the hearts of your girls!

Chatting Soon~Kelly

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Amber and Warren
categories: bridal fashions, cakes and sweets, fabulous reception sites, favor and gift ideas, floral inspiration, for your ceremony, from the consultants, real weddings, reception ideas

Weddings that are done well are deliciously dreamy. The design of the event fits the couple perfectly who in turn are so comfortable with their wedding day that they radiate. On a day like Amber and Warren’s day, wedding experts joined forces to create a seamless aesthetic and we are all left with inspiration to make things more beautiful, honor our traditions more creatively and bask in the love that surround newlyweds who are in love.

Amber was very into flowers and cherry blossoms were Amber’s inspiration for the weding but they were out of season but with The Flower Studio’s expertise, the end result was gorgeous!

Amber and Warren are cool and comfortable, oh and a bit glamorous too!  Amber wore an antique flower in her hair made by her  mother that was crafted with vintage flowers and was part of her Grandmother’s wedding dress. Stunning. 

The cones that held rose petals were made by Amber’s mother- so sweet!

Details abound!  Wedding coordinator Victoria Canada has a knack for making events special for each of her couples. The cake by Julia Baker Confections is still being discussed in wedding circles- it’s called “The Valentino” (Amber is Italian). Warren honored his Vietnamese heritage by handing out Lai See as favors, which are small red envelopes that  bring good luck, love, and good fortune.

Amber and Warren achieved the perfect balance of incorporating family traditions with modern touches. We adore the couple and the beautiful wedding they shared with us!

The team that made it all happen:

Coordinator: Victoria Canada Weddings and Events

Reception Site: Intercontinental Montelucia Resort and Spa

Florist: The Flower Studio

Photographer: Keith Pitts

Videography: Serendipity Videography

Cake: Julia Baker Confections

Invitations: Signatures Invitations and Gifts

Cerremony Musicians: String Serenade

Entertainment: The Walkens

Gown: Destiny’s Bride

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Your Inside Track
categories: favor and gift ideas

It sounds a bit cliche’ but things happen when you know the right people.

They drop your name into the right lap, they slip you a hard to get phone number or they tip you off to a new opportunity. So brides, how does this relate to you?

Well, as an inhabitant of the wedding world, you have to shop A LOT. You have decisions to make and people to thank, not to mention the gifts you must bestow on your guys and gals come wedding time. Sometimes having an inside track is a handy tool to keep in your back pocket.

One such tool is One King’s Lane. This is a site where you sign up for access to “The world’s top home decor brands and designers at up to 70% off retail.”  What’s cool about the site is that the deals change on a rotating basis. You just need to slip online every once in a while and peruse but if you like something you see, act quickly because items do sell out. Here are some of today’s items ( the green bumpy glass is my fav- almost anything green wins in my book and the bumps on the outside guarantee I will be happy. I know these things):

Sure, you can’t complete your gift registry here because the products change often but you can check it out for great deals, unique gift ideas and top notch designers. Stephanie turns to One King’s Lane when she needs to buy a gift for those people who seem to have it all. She wisely advises “While you might not ‘need’ any of the beautiful treasures at One Kings Lane, you will want them all.”

No go find your next treasure!

Chatting Soon~Kelly

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