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Eco Friendly Diamonds
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Way before the cake cutting and the exchange of vows, even before the invitations are sent and the gown is purchased, you must chose THE ring. That sparkly, awe-inspiring, gorgeous bauble that will adorn your finger for eternity. Considering the average engagement ring in America costs $5,000, it’s a significant investment that requires not only the heart to be engaged but the mind as well.

This is where eco-luxe jewelry from Brilliance comes in- many couples are choosing rings that are not only heart-stoppingly beautiful but are also eco-friendly:

By using 100% recycled gold, platinum, and silver, Brilliance shows their support for ethical standards in jewelry production by decreasing the global demand for newly-mined precious metals. Their recycled metals are gathered from post-consumer sources and are refined back to their original, pure state, so the quality of the pieces they create is uncompromised. Plus, Brilliance wedding jewels come in all price points.

Brilliance offers Canadian diamonds and strictly adheres to the Canadian Diamond Code of Conduct, which guarantees every diamond in their inventory is mined and processed in an environmentally and socially-conscious manner. Their diamonds are hand-picked by gemologists and each can be traced back to the region of their origin. They are also manufactured in the United States by master jewelers.

By using recycled metals and conflict-free diamonds from Brilliance in their wedding, brides and grooms will have luxury keepsakes that will last a lifetime and are also good for the environment.

This infographic about choosing your engagement ring from Brilliance is informative and easy to follow:

Engagement Ring Guide Infograph

If you are in search of an engagement ring that is a perfect fit for your style AND ethics, you now have a great eco-conscious option with Brilliance. Their extensive line of designs and custom options ensures you will find that perfect ring, no matter what you are dreaming of!

Happy Planning from your Arizona Wedding Blog~ Kelly

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