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Wedding Inspiration: Rose Petal Carpets
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Every once in a while I engage in a conversation that reminds me how lucky we are here in Arizona to have such talented and innovative wedding vendors to work with. While talking “wedding world” with people who are not in the industry or planning a wedding, their eyes gloss over when I  speak about escort card displays, candy bars and late-night sliders. I guess I take all those things for granted but one thing that all people can appreciate as soon as I explain it is the Rose Petal Carpet.

(Photo by: Sedona Bride Photographers)

As far as I’m concerned, this floral concept is the #1 way to impact the look of your ceremony and Events by Showstoppers specializes in them. Ken and Jim, Showstoppers’ founders,  consistently design spectacular carpets and never stop innovating with their designs. It’s cutting edge floral that rocks my world!

(Photo by: Sedona Bride Photographers)

(Photo by: Sedona Bride Photographers)

(Photo by: Sedona Bride Photographers)

(Photo by: Sedona Bride Photographers)

(Photo by: Sedona Bride Photographers)

(Photo by: Phyllis Lane Photography)

(Photo by: Sedona Bride Photographers)

(Photo by: Phyllis Lane Photography)

(Photo by: Phyllis Lane Photography)

Events by Showstoppers creates carpets for corporate functions as well- fashion shows, photoshoots, etc. This carpet may look familiar since it was designed for our 10th Anniversary Issue cover (and our 10th Anniversary Gala)!

 (Photo by: Sedona Bride Photographers)

(Photo by: Sedona Bride Photographers)

This is from Wildflower Linen’s Arizona warehouse debut  fashion show (see more from the Wildflower Linens Show) :

Now do you see why I love these? Rose petals will never be the same again!

As you can imagine, the process of designing and executing these very special carpets is labor intensive but I think Events by Showstoppers founders Jim and Ken really have a passion for it. Here’s what they had to say when I asked them a few questions about their work:

KG: You always seem to be on the cutting-edge when it comes to floral design. Where do you get your inspiration from?

J/K: We get our inspiration from all kinds of sources. One source is from our love of old classic movies. We love to incorporate, for example, lighting effects we see in old ” film noir ” movies from the 40s and 50s. Some of our best inspiration comes from the old classic biblical movies where we get great ideas for fabric draping, unusual color schemes, and other lighting effects. The half circular rose petal carpet we produced for a PB&G shoot at L’Auberge ( a few issues ago ) was actually inspired while watching Cleopatra. I designed the carpet like an Egyptian jeweled collar. When I explain the inspiration for this design, people immediately ” get it .”

KG: How long have you been doing rose petal carpets and what do you love most about them?

J/K: For about 4 years. I especially love the process of drawing the concept, selecting the colors and calculating the quantity. Seeing the final result and how it pleases the onlookers is very fulfilling.

KG: What challenges do you face when creating rose petal carpets and how do you overcome them?

J/K: Wind. You don’t overcome it. You have to go with it.

KG: If you could create your dream rose petal carpet, what would it look like?

J/K: A kaleidoscope. Lots of interesting things can be done.. especially indoors.

KG: What floral trends are you seeing for Winter ’11/Spring ’12 weddings?

J/K: I don’t know about other designers but we are interested in one color ( monochromatic ) color schemes with multiple, muted derivatives of that color, combined with various tones of grey. Like muddy mustard colors combined with charcoal and lighter grey. Also interested in complimentary and split-compliment schemes like mustard colors against raspberry and fuchsia with grey or silver.

Events by Showstoppers just launched their new website too- it’s full of their gorgeous floral designs. And yes, the Rose Petal Carpets have a dedicated section!

Chatting Soon~Kelly

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  1. Jim Bullock Says:

    What a lovely surprise this morning to be honored in such a generous way. Thank you, Kelly, and Phoenix Bride And Groom for spotlighting our carpets. We are thrilled and love the selection you chose. Many, many thanks. Ken and JIm and all your friends at Show Stoppers.

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