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Engagement Session Tips from a Photographer
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Just like parents on their child’s wedding day, we’re pretty darn proud of our Elite Circle wedding vendors. The Elite Circle is a group of wedding vendors in the Phoenix, Arizona area that surpass the ordinary with their talents, level of expertise and customer service. Whenever you see a styled shoot, wedding, or engagement session online that you absolutely adore, chances are at least a few Elite Circle vendors are involved so when we saw an article with engagement session tips from a photographer, we knew the advice was sound.

Eyes 2 See Photography writes about why you should have an engagement session and we pulled a few tips for you and some of our favorite engagement photos taken by Eyes 2 See. Embrace the love!

Engagement Session Tips from a Photographer: Connections matter! Engagement sessions help you and your photographer get to know each other. As a photographer, it is important for us to get to know how to best photograph you. We want to see how creative you are and teach you how to look great in front of the camera. As a couple, take time for an engagement session to help you practice for the wedding day. We promise it will help you open up, look great and feel comfortable with your photographer.

engagement session tips from a photographer_eyes2see_engagement0014engagement session tips from a photographer_Phoenix-Bride-and-Groom_Phoenix-Wedding-Magazine_Eyes-2-See-Photography_seth-and-rachel_Phoenix-engagement-4

Engagement Session Tips from a Photographer: Decompress, go on a special date. Wedding planning can be stressful. Engagement pictures are your chance to do something fun with your partner. Make it a date! We suggest you take a few minutes to plan a perfect day together and have your photographer document the adventure. These candid moments of you making a meal together, skiing, or exploring the city will be more memorable than just a headshot. Your options are only limited by your imagination. Our photographers and videographers love to get creative with ideas. Let us know if you need help brainstorming your engagement session/date.

engagement session tips from a photographer_Phoenix-Bride-and-Groom_Phoenix-Wedding-Magazine_Desert_engagement_Eyes-2-See-Photography_Jenny-and-Chris-12

engagement session tips from a photographer_Phoenix-Bride-and-Groom_Phoenix-Wedding-Magazine_Eyes-2-See-Photography_hotel valley hoengagement session tips from a photographer_Phoenix-Bride-and-Groom_engagement-photos_Eyes-2-See-Photography-9

To read the complete article from Eyes 2 See about why you should do an engagement session, click here!

Read some of our own tips for engagement sessions including how to choose a location, timing and how to work best with your photographer

Phoenix Bride & Groom, your complete Arizona wedding magazine and wedding planning resource

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Advice from the Pros: Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Beauty Products
categories: destination weddings and honeymoons, health and beauty, Meet Our Friends, Tips and Advice, Wedding Resources

This time of the year in Arizona, with daily temps consistently above 100 degrees, we often dream about getting away (“often” meaning most of our waking hours!). An escape to a cooler locale or even a vacation on a sandy beach fills our daydreams constantly! While we’re daydreaming about a getaway, we naturally think of our brides and grooms who are planning destination weddings and honeymoons, and, because packing for a destination event requires specific products, we think about destination wedding and honeymoon beauty products. To find out what the pros’ must -have beauty products are for destination weddings and honeymoons, we consulted our Elite Circle makeup artists and hair stylists. Here’s the inside scoop on what you need to pack for your destination wedding or honeymoon:

Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Beauty Product Recommendations for Skincare: 

Babydoll Weddings: Moisturizer/Primer – Embryolisse is my favorite because it’s 2 products in 1. It’s an amazing face moisturizer but is also a primer. Using a primer before applying your foundation will ensure even and flawless coverage which is perfect for tropical/humid locations.

Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Beauty Products_Phoenix Bride and Groom_embryolisse-lait-creme-concentre-moisturiser

Corinna Cooke Makeup/Corinna BTatcha Luminous Dewy Skin Mist. I always travel with this. You can spritz it on during the flight to keep your skin hydrated, you can use it throughout your honeymoon to keep your skin looking luminous and dewy, and if you are somewhere humid you can use it instead of moisturizer. It’s also a great rescue product for skin that has had too much sun/wind/salt water – you name it!
Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Beauty Products_Phoenix Bride and Groom_Tatcha-dewy-skin-mist
One skincare product we personally recommend is Rescue Skin. The product is designed with travel in mind- both the ultra moisturizer and serum concentrate come in packets so you can carry them on the plane with you. Rescue Skin is designed to bring cutting-edge stem cell technology to every age, gender and skin type. With a single-step, RESCUE provides immediate rejuvenation no matter where life leads you – from days in the sun getting the perfect sun-kissed tan for your wedding or honeymoon to nights on the town and bachelor parties. 
Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Beauty Products_Phoenix Bride and Groom_Rescue Skin_2
Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Beauty Products Recommendations for Hair:

Corinna Cooke Makeup/Corinna BOribe Dry Texture Spray (Travel Size). This product is fabulous because not only can it be used as hairspray, it’s also a dry texture product. After a day at the beach or under a hat you can use it almost like a dry shampoo to get body back into the hair. And it smells divine!

 Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Beauty Products_Phoenix Bride and Groom_ORIBE dry texturizing spray
Babydoll WeddingsDry Shampoo – My absolute favorite dry shampoo is from Moroccanoil. They offer a light tone for blondes and a dark tone for brunettes. Been laying on the beach all day? No problem, spray this on your scalp and rub in – you’ll have fresh looking and feeling hair and it provides volume as well!
Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Beauty Products_Phoenix Bride and Groom_moroccanoil dry shampoo
Hair Donut – make your hair cute for a fancy dinner date or just walking on the beach. Hair donuts are the easiest way to create that full messy bun. There are so many options to be creative.
Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Beauty Products_Phoenix Bride and Groom_hair donut
Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Beauty Products | Makeup Recommendations:
Corinna Cooke Makeup/Corinna BDiorshow Blackout Waterproof Mascara. The best of the best, this mascara builds huge lashes! It doesn’t clump or look tacky, it just gives luxurious lashes that you can swim in.
Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Beauty Products_Phoenix Bride and Groom_DIORSHOW_BLACKOUT_Waterproof_Mascara_
Babydoll Weddings: Highlighter – To keep your bridal glow, use a highlighter or bronzer with shimmer in it. Apply this to the upper part of your cheek bone, your upper lip under your nose and also the shins of your legs. My favorite to use are the variety of Nars Highlighters.
Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Beauty Products_Phoenix Bride and Groom_Nars highlighters
Waterproof Mascara – Destination weddings and honeymooning tend to involve beach or water activities. Stay looking your best with waterproof mascara. My favorite is a classic – Maybelline Great Lash. I found this to be the very best and you can layer throughout the day to increase thickness for a day to nighttime look.
Destination Wedding and Honeymoon Beauty Products_Phoenix Bride and Groom_Great Lash mascara
Of course it’s best to try these products before you take off for your destination event but with these professional recommendations for destination wedding and honeymoon beauty products, we have a feeling you’re going to look and feel beautiful no matter where your plans take you.
Many thanks to both Babydoll Weddings and Corinna Cooke Makeup for your recommendations! About our Elite Circle Makeup Artists:
Corinna Cooke/Corinna Bis a Phoenix based makeup artist who works both nationally and internationally. With an extensive background in Hollywood and in fashion she has an innate ability to bring out your best features, creating your most beautiful you.
Babydoll Weddings is dedicated to providing premier on-site bridal hair and makeup services for your wedding, engagement photos and more. We truly believe that every bride should be the most beautiful woman in the world on her special day.
Phoenix Bride & Groom, your complete Arizona wedding magazine and wedding planning resource
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DIY Welcome Bags
categories: destination weddings and honeymoons, favor and gift ideas, Tips and Advice
One major perk of being in the Arizona wedding industry is that we get to connect with brides and grooms, hear their stories and explore how they planned their weddings. Basically, we get the inside track and share the goods with you! Emily, a real Arizona bride, contacted us about her wedding and once we discovered she had a knack for DIY, we jumped on the chance to write about her DIY welcome bags.
DIY Welcome Bags_Phoenix Bride and Groom magazine_Emily and Joey_SoHo63
Here are the contents of Emily & Joey’s DIY welcome bags:
DIY Welcome Bags_Phoenix Bride and Groom magazine
With about 50% of their guests coming in from out of town to attend their wedding, Emily & Joey wanted to make their DIY wlecome bags special. Here’s the lowdown on exactly how they did that:
I purchased design proofs from a couple of different Etsy vendors for the welcome bag tag, door hanger and itinerary then printed them at Kinko’s
-I also purchased the ikat pattern on Etsy and then had it printed on gloss card stock so that I could make the bag toppers and water bottle labels myself. 
-Arizona maps and magazines are free if you contact the Arizona Office of Tourism 
-We picked up the awesome vintage reproduction Arizona postcards (which are actually pretty hard to find) at a middle of nowhere gas station near the Grand Canyon when we were driving down from Seattle for the wedding. 
What do you estimate each bag cost? $5

Any tips for couples wanting to create their own welcome bags? Start brainstorming ideas early on in your wedding planning time frame so that you have plenty of time to put together something that really represents you as a couple, goes with the theme of your wedding, but is also practical and can genuinely add to the guests’ experience during their stay. Attention to small details really do make a big difference in the end from a guest’s perspective. For example, I had several guests thank me for including small bags of peanut butter pretzels and gummy bears in our welcome bags because they had been traveling all day without a chance to really eat anything, so by the time they arrived to the resort and looked in the welcome bags, they were relieved to have something salty and sweet to snack on without having to leave the hotel room or wait for room service.

DIY Welcome Bags_Phoenix Bride and Groom magazine_Emily and Joey_SoHo63_send off

Did you use Phoenix Bride & Groom magazine as a resource while planning your wedding? Yes! I really loved the Real Weddings features because wedding planning can be so intimidating when you are looking at high-budget editorial styled shoots in many other magazines, online, etc., so it is really helpful to be able to see what actual weddings end up looking like to give yourself realistic goals and expectations. 

What did you love most about your wedding and what advice would you give couples planning their weddings so they enjoy their wedding days to the fullest? I loved the ceremony the most – it took place right at sunset out on the terrace of SoHo63 in front of the fireplace, which we also decorated with a bunch of mismatched candles, giving it a really intimate and romantic feeling. It was perfect and we enjoyed every moment of the wedding from that point on! My advice for couples planning their weddings would be to make sure to let go of all stress about how things will turn out by the day of your wedding because you need to be able to relax and enjoy yourself while you are getting ready and spending time with the wedding party to set the tone for the rest of your experience during the wedding, so you want to make sure and keep all other distractions to an absolute minimum.

Thank you for sharing your DIY welcome bags and advice Emily!

Phoenix Bride & Groom, your complete Arizona wedding magazine and wedding planning resource

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Unexpected Wedding Trends {Infographic}
categories: reception ideas, Tips and Advice, Trends, Wedding Inspiration, Wedding Resources

Sometimes our task of sharing the very best in Arizona weddings and all things wedding inspired takes some time and sometimes it’s easy peasy, like today’s post! The Dunloe (a luxury hotel near Killarney, Ireland) shared this cute infographic with us that includes unexpected weddings trends and since we happen to agree with most of them, our work is done!

Unexpected wedding trends 2016_1a

The 2-in-1 wedding gown is probably one of the top unexpected wedding trends we’ve seen; isn’t the idea of having grandmothers as flower girls just the sweetest?

Unexpected wedding trends 2016_2 Unexpected wedding trends 2016_3

We first experienced wedding cakes with image projections at a wedding expo a few months ago here in Arizona and it’s fascinating!

Unexpected wedding trends 2016_4

Many thanks to The Dunloe for sharing these unexpected weddings trends with us!

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Phoenix Wedding Videography: Something New Media Wedding Trailer
categories: Tips and Advice, videography, Wedding Inspiration

When talking wedding film/videography, couples often cite two reasons why they’re on the fence about it. The first reason is budget which, time and again, couples who did not make room in their budgets for wedding video express as a major post-wedding regret. The second reason is that they don’t think they’ll actually watch the video. To that, we always say: we’ve never met a couple who regrets hiring a wedding videographer but we’ve met couples who regret NOT hiring one!

In our corner of the world, wedding videography is a must-have and Something New Media, a Phoenix wedding videography company, may change your mind about not watching your video. They offer several packages so if you’re not into the whole shebang, you don’t have to have it!

We saw this wedding trailer from a wedding at Desert Botanical Garden planned by Meant2Be Events and had to share it because you get a sense of the couple’s relationship and their happy day even though the video is just over 2 minutes in length! It’s love in motion and we’re kind of addicted…

This is our fun Behind the Scenes video from our Winter Spring 2016 cover shoot:

Phoenix wedding videography company Something New Media can be reached online or call: (602) 730 0478

Phoenix Bride & Groom, your complete Arizona wedding magazine and wedding planning resource

Meet Arizona's Premier Wedding Planners  Find Your Ideal Arizona Wedding Venue  Discover the Finest Arizona Wedding Photographers

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Personalize Your Wedding with Flowers
categories: floral inspiration, for your ceremony, reception ideas, Tips and Advice, Trends, Wedding Inspiration

We’re always looking for ways to help couples infuse their personalities into their weddings and May 1st- also known as May Day- is the perfect time to explore how you can personalize your wedding with flowers. We’re not talking about simply choosing your flowers for your wedding, we’re talking about connecting the memories that are evoked when you see and smell certain flowers to your wedding day decor. It’s been fun for us to explore this idea with our Elite Circle florists and we can’t wait to inspire you with their expertise!

Phoenix-Bride-and-Groom_Real-Arizona-Wedding_wedding-blog_Arizona-Biltmore_wedding-venue_Hagerty-Photography_your event florist_pink-7.jpg

(Photo: Hagerty Photography, Floral: Your Event Florist)

Ways to Personalize Your Wedding with Flowers: Table Tops Etc.

Are there any flowers that, upon seeing and/or smelling them, trigger memories for you? 

When I was a little girl of 8 years old, I would collect lavender lilac from the big bushes outside my bedroom window and fill the vases for my mom in the kitchen. They were haphazardly displayed and browning on one side but I didn’t know they weren’t so perfect. I just loved the smell and the look! Massachusetts lilac bloom in the month of May so it was always a sign for me that the snow and our harsh winter was over. The sun was coming out and Spring was here! So in planning my wedding day, the first thing I did was order lilac for my bouquet. The fond memories of my childhood and the significance of that one flower were so powerful for me. Luckily, I was married in a month when I could get it! I remember the calm that I felt just before walking down the aisle when I stuck my nose in my bouquet and smelled the lilac. Immediate relaxation and happiness! So as a florist for the past 24 years, I think of that day and try to guide my couples to choose flowers that trigger fond memories. Weddings are stressful and hectic. I can help couples feel a calming and a sense of happiness by choosing a flower that will do this for them. 

Phoenix Bride and Groom_personalize your wedding with flowers_Table Tops etc_Floral story

(Floral: Table Tops, Etc.)

What are some ways you’ve used flowers to personalize a wedding?

The bride’s dad, an Arizona cotton farmer, brought me a bundle of freshly picked cotton on the pod for her bouquet. She grew up on the farm so this was a sweet way to pay homage to her childhood (bouquet image not available but here are two examples of cotton in bouquets): 

Phoenix Bride and Groom_personalize your wedding with flowers_Table Tops etc_cotton

We are designing an all orange snapdragon vase for an Oregon bride whose grandmother had a large snapdragon bush in her yard- it will be placed at her ceremony table to bring back fond memories of her grandmother who has passed.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_personalize your wedding with flowers_orange snapdragon_design sponge

(Photo via Design Sponge)

Texas girls love yellow roses (it’s the state flower)!  One of my brides had a beautiful all white bouquet and then we tucked a single “yellow rose of Texas” in the underside of the back of the bouquet.  She loved the smell and memories of her home state!

Phoenix Bride and Groom_personalize your wedding with flowers_yellow rose

One bride’s grandmother collected African Violets (they’re VERY hard to maintain) but we searched all over for small 3” pots to place at the cocktail hour in memory of her grandmother! 

Phoenix Bride and Groom_personalize your wedding with flowers_worldoffloweringplants_saintpaulia-ionantha-african-violet-

(Photo via World of Flowering Plants)

Ways to Personalize Your Wedding with Flowers: Your Event Florist

Are there any flowers that, upon seeing and/or smelling them, trigger memories for you? 

Lilacs hold a special place in owner Kevin Reed’s heart as they remind him of his late grandmother. His grandparents owned a farm in Indiana and his grandfather planted lilac bushes all over the farm because his grandma loved them so much. Now, every time Kevin smells lilacs he remembers all of the time he spent with his grandmother on their farm.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_personalize your wedding with flowers_lilacs_Your Event Florist

(Photo via: Beautiful Flowers)

What are some ways you’ve used flowers to personalize a wedding?

Incorporating personal and meaningful florals, decorations and/or traditions into your wedding is always a wonderful idea. We love it when a bride wants her bouquet created with a loved one in mind because she will remember it forever and it also is so much more meaningful to her. Our advice for brides and grooms planning their wedding is to try to incorporate as many personal touches as possible so that your wedding reflects you as a couple and will be even more special for years to come.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_personalize your wedding with flowers_Your Event Florist_Eyes 2 See Photography

(Floral: Your Event Florist, Photo: Eyes 2 See Photography)

Once we embarked on this story, the Phoenix Bride & Groom staff’s floral memories came flooding back as well and we realized how powerful scent is when it comes to memory. We hope you’re inspired to personalize your wedding with flowers that trigger good memories so your wedding can feel extra special. Clearly, our Elite Circle florists know how to help you with that!

 Phoenix Bride & Groom, your complete Arizona wedding magazine and wedding planning resource

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