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A Valentine’s Day Getaway at A Romantic Arizona Resort
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If you have plans to make this Valentine’s Day especially romantic, we have a fabulous idea for you: book a Valentines Day Getaway at Royal Palms Resort and Spa!

Valentine’s Day Getaway _Royal Palms Resort and Spa_Phoenix Bride and Groom magazine_Acqua Dolce Suite_Alvadora

While the resort offers Romantication© packages year-round, which are customized, romantic experiences, this Valentine’s Day, Royal Palms is taking romance to a whole new level for the entire month of February with the “Ultimate Romance Package”:
Ultimate Romance Package – $2,800 per night (stay from Feb. 1 – Feb. 28)

-One night of luxurious accommodations in an Alvadora Spa Villa.

-Ultimate Garden of Love Via Cappello Dinner package that includes private use of the Garden of Love that will be decorated with rose petals and votive candles; a five-course dinner for two by Executive Chef Todd Allison with wine pairings; a personal server throughout the evening; a fresh floral arrangement table setting and romantic music.

-Rose petal turndown service.

-Sparkling wine and a dozen chocolate-covered strawberries delivered upon check-in.

-Breakfast for two via room service or at T. Cook’s.

-$150 credit to Alvadora Spa to be used towards a treatment or merchandise.

Also, T. Cook’s will have an ultra-luxe, prix-fixe menu. Have you eaten there? It’s delicious but it’s more than that- it’s a highly acclaimed restaurant that’s pretty much legendary in the Valley!
Valentine’s Day Getaway _Royal Palms Resort and Spa_Phoenix Bride and Groom magazine_ Alvadora Villa Living Room
Since it began as a couple’s Desert Getaway in 1929, this Phoenix, Arizona hotel has offered generations of guests the intimate atmosphere of a luxurious, private residence—along with the amenities of an award-winning resort.
Valentine’s Day Getaway _Royal Palms Resort and Spa_Phoenix BRide and Groom magazine_Pool
The beloved resort is known for it’s romantic enclaves, intimate atmosphere and first-class customer service.
Winding stone paths transport guests past a grove of orange trees, trickling fountains in courtyards, roaring outdoor fireplaces, 100-year-old rustic doorways and hand-painted tiles, and lush gardens filled with magenta bougainvillea, exotic plants and desert flowers. A true destination for lovers, the resort was originally built as a private mansion in 1929 as a grand gesture of love by financier Delos Willard Cooke for his wife Florence. 
Valentine’s Day Getaway _Royal Palms Resort and Spa_Phoenix BRide and Groom magazine_Royal Palms_ Mansion Courtyard
For the most romantic Valentines Day getaway, book the Ultimate Romance Package at Royal Palms Resort and Spa: 800-672-6011 | Website
Phoenix Bride & Groom, your complete Arizona wedding magazine and wedding planning resource
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Wedding Show in Northern Arizona: 2016 Sedona Bridal Show and Bootcamp
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The premier wedding show in Northern Arizona is happening soon and you don’t want to miss it! The 2016 Sedona Bridal Show and Bootcamp is THE event couples flock to for wedding inspiration and wedding planning and with good reason- the show has earned a reputation for being friendly, stylish, and really fun!

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Wedding Show in Northern Arizona_Bridal Show_Sedona

The wedding show in Northern Arizona will feature over 70 top vendors from Sedona, Flagstaff, Phoenix and Prescott including 16 of the most popular venues and properties in Sedona and Flagstaff.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Wedding Show in Northern Arizona_Bridal Show_Sedona_Sierra Blanco Photography (11)

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Wedding Show in Northern Arizona_Bridal Show_Sedona_Sierra Blanco Photography (2) Phoenix Bride and Groom_Wedding Show in Northern Arizona_Bridal Show_Sedona_Sierra Blanco Photography (9)

Sedona, Prescott and Flagstaff offer couples some of the most spectacular views, scenery, and talent when it comes to weddings. Don’t let a short drive (and it really is a short drive) stop you from exploring the vibrant wedding community of Northern Arizona!

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Wedding Show in Northern Arizona_Bridal Show_Sedona_Sierra Blanco Photography (6)

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Wedding Show in Northern Arizona_Bridal Show_Sedona_Sierra Blanco Photography (5)

Wedding Show in Northern Arizona: 2016 Sedona Bridal

Show and Bootcamp Details

Date: January 16, 2016

Location: Hilton Sedona Resort & Spa

Time: 10:00am-3:00pm

Register (tickets are free for brides and grooms):

The Sedona Bridal Show and Bootcamp has become Northern Arizona’s largest bridal show and wedding planning event. We look forward to attending the 2016 Sedona Bridal Show and Bootcamp and hope to see you there!

Phoenix Bride & Groom, your complete Arizona wedding magazine and wedding planning resource

Photos courtesy of Sierra Blanco Photography

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Wedding Event: Sedona Bridal Show and Boot Camp
categories: destination weddings and honeymoons, fabulous reception sites, open houses, Sedona, Sedona Weddings, upcoming events, Wedding Inspiration, Wedding Resources

January is a busy month for couples planning their weddings- there’s the whole “EEEEEE I got my ring and I said yes and I can’t stop staring at the sparkly bauble on my finger!” thing that’s happening but also, you know you have to get moving on a few things. You need to determine a budget and date, schedule some venue visits and wedding coordinator appointments (we’ve got that covered- just go to our wedding website and check out the Elite Circle vendors), and immerse yourself in all things wedding. You must get hip with what’s happening and not happening in weddings these days.

But first of all, you’ve made a great choice by hooking up with us. We’ll ease your mind and give you tried and true wedding planning advice. We’ll also recommend only the best vendors in Arizona AND we’ll keep you up to date on the shows and events in Arizona that you’ll want to attend. One such event is the Sedona Bridal Show and Boot Camp.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona wedding magazine_wedding event_bridal show_Sedona Bridal Show and Bootcamp

We’ve been proud supporters of this event from the beginning and with good reason. The group of vendors that founded it and continue to nurture it are simply outstanding. They are creative and ambitious, kind and reliable, and without a doubt, professional. You’ll soon learn how important that last trait is.

Register here for 2 free tickets to the show (you have to pre-register to get the free tickets).

We’ll be at the show proudly handing out copies of our Winter Spring 2015 issue and chatting with you. Looking forward to visiting with you in Sedona on the 17th!

Phoenix Bride & Groom, your complete Arizona wedding planning resource

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10 Bridal Show Survival Tips
categories: open houses, Tips and Advice, upcoming events

Bridal Shows, especially if you’re headed to your first, are full of anticipation and excitement. There are vendors anxiously awaiting your arrival, booths so full of inspiration your head might spin a little, giveaways galore, deals to be had, and of course fashion shows.

Be ready though- there’s also a LOT of people and the larger shows can be somewhat overwhelming. So why should you attend a bridal show or two during your engagement? Because you will get to actually meet the vendors that you are looking for all in one place (a huge time saver) and because there is nothing more fun than chatting with other brides. This is a forum created just for you where you can talk rings, dresses, flowers, photographers, and invitations without anyone telling you that you are obsessed and need to get a life. You are with your people.

To get the most out of the wonderful shows Arizona has to offer, check out our Bridal Show Survival Tips:

1. Think comfort. This is not the time to show off your latest shoe find- you will be on your feet a lot and you want to enjoy yourself. A cute pair of ballet flats or boots will do the trick. Jeans or yoga pants are perfectly acceptable too. Throw on a scarf and you’re ready!

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Phoenix Wedding Magazine_Sedona Bride_Sedona Wedding Boot Camp_2013

(Photo by: Sedona Bride)

2. Bring a tote bag. Many bridal shows will give you a bag upon arrival to carry your bridal show loot in but we think a large bag that fits over the shoulder is the way to go. You’ll be collecting massive amounts of information and you will want to have a bag that fits nicely over your shoulder and won’t potentially break.

3. Channel your inner Girl Scout. That’s right, I said Girl Scout. Even if you weren’t a Girl Scout, you know about being prepared and you know about the Golden Rule. First, pack water and your favorite energy bars (enough for everyone who is coming with you). There are usually opportunities to buy snacks at the show but they come with lines that take away from enjoying the show itself (and have limited options). Some vendors will offer food but you don’t want to count on that for sustenance. Second, you will encounter many people doing the same thing as you- chatting with wedding vendors, looking for deals, entering giveaways- and let’s just agree that patience will be your friend. Sometimes a booth will only have 1 person manning  it so they can only talk to one person at a time. If the vendor is intriguing enough, waiting to chat with him/her will be worth it.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Phoenix Wedding Magazine_Phoenix Bridal Show

4. Expect deals for on the spot booking. Many vendors offer show discounts. What you will also find is some vendors who want you to book on the spot for those discounts. You can certainly do this if you have done your research prior to the show and know who you are dealing with. However, if you don’t feel a connection with a particular vendor, take a pass. No good deal is worth potential drama or second-guessing down the road. You will find many talented and trustworthy vendors at these shows just make sure you do your research before signing any type of contract. 

5. Bring pre-printed address labels. Many vendors will ask you to share your contact information with them for various reasons. You don’t want to write your name, address, phone and email each time you meet a vendor you’re curious about so print up some address labels prior to the show and voila! You will be uber-efficient and will have more time to visit more booths.

6. Set up a wedding email account prior to attending the show. You are going to be getting a lot of emails from all of the vendors at the show, even if you did not contact them personally. They all receive a list of attendees which has your information on it and they are legally allowed to contact you. Also, some vendors will need an email to contact you if you win a giveaway and some even offer discounts after the show to those who didn’t win. To avoid having your everyday email bombarded, use a free email service like Yahoo or Gmail to manage the influx. You’ll appreciate that  this account is just for wedding communication which also helps you take a break from wedding planning when you need it (and you WILL need a break, trust us!).

7. Be aware of the “Bridal Show Effect”. Even though you’re going to have a ton of fun, you need to realize that you might get overwhelmed and a little swept up in the excitement. You know how it’s easier to make a decision about bridesmaid dresses when you’re choosing from 4 rather that 14? And you know how you simply cannot make a decision if you have 20 linens to choose from but when presented with 3, you’re able to decide? Same thing with bridal shows. Visiting 18 photographers, no matter how fabulous each one might be, is unrealistic. Feeling overwhelmed due to the sheer volume of choices is the Bridal Show Effect and you can overcome it by accepting that you will not get to every single booth and you might miss a fashion show (which is actually the best time to visit booths!).

8. Make sure your phone is charged. You will often get to enter giveaways from booths using your mobile device- take advantage of the technology available to you. Undoubtedly, you’ll want to take pictures of ideas you see at the booths and will want to connect with vendors via social media on the spot so make sure your phone is ready!

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Phoenix Wedding Magazine_Bridal Show_Giveaway

9. Know your bridal show style. Some shows are large and energetic, some are smaller and more refined. Neither is better than the other but you should know what you’re looking for. The larger shows obviously offer more variety and most-likely more giveaways and discounts while the smaller shows will have hand-picked vendors and a more intimate vibe. You will also discover shows that are in-between, like the Sedona Bridal Boot Camp and Sedona Bridal Fair. These are regional shows that appeal to brides beyond their locale, making them a growing niche in the bridal show circuit. Some bridal shows will focus on activities such as tours and fashion shows while others will spoil you with food and beverage tastings. One thing is true though, there is something for everyone!

10. Chat it up. Vendors WANT to talk to you so don’t be shy! They want to hear about your plans, answer your questions, and give recommendations based on their experiences. They have been involved in weddings a lot longer than you and you’ll be surprised at how much info you can get from them.  The wedding industry pros in Arizona are not only talented, they are genuine. They want to work with you, yes, but they also want you to be happy. Spending time with the vendors is one of the best ways to get the most out of your bridal show experience.

We attend many of the shows in Arizona and enjoy every one of them for their wedding inspiration and fun atmosphere. We hope to see you at one (or more) soon!

For a complete list of Arizona Bridal Shows, click here. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook for updates on shows and special offers.

Phoenix Bride & Groom, your Phoenix wedding magazine

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Sedona Wedding Boot Camp- January 18th
categories: Sedona, Sedona Weddings, upcoming events, Wedding Resources

The Sedona Wedding Boot Camp is the much anticipated bridal show that happens once a year in Sedona; it’s produced by the creative, genuine, and hard-working team at Sedona Wedding Studio and you’ll definitely miss out if you don’t attend; the vendors that participate are some of the most innovative wedding professionals you’ll find in Arizona and this is your chance to meet them and see what they’re all about.

Sedona Boot camp2014

The 2014 Sedona Wedding Boot Camp is January 18th from 10-4 at Hilton Sedona Resort & Spa; free admission is for the Bride, Groom and one guest only (you must pre-register for free admission. Those who are not pre-registered will pay $10 at the door). Register here: 

And good news- we’ll be there! Come pick up a copy of our Winter Spring 2014 issue- it’s full of wedding inspiration and is your complete wedding planning resource.

For a listing of all of Arizona’s bridal shows and events, see our list here:

Phoenix Bride & Groom, your Phoenix wedding magazine

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Great Find: Kendra Scott Jewelry
categories: bridal fashions, favor and gift ideas, upcoming events

Just when I was feeling the need for some POW! in my wardrobe, Kendra Scott’s Spring jewelry collection hit my inbox. Personally, I’m a girl who struggles with large pieces (I would like to say it’s because I’m a teeny tiny thing but that would just be a lie!) but I feel like these teeter on the wearable cusp. I can see myself wearing a gorgeous pair of Kendra’s earrings along with a bracelet (and my standard spring look- white capris, flip flops, and a striped shirt) and calling it good!

The new Spring 2013 Collection is just about to be launched (more info below)

Kendra Scott_spring 2013 Collection_earrings

 1.Danielle earrings 2. Rosemary earrings 3. Delilah earrings

Kendra Scott_spring 2013 Collection_ring_bracelet_necklace

 1. Merritt necklace 2. Cora ring 3. Eliza cuff 4. Marisol necklace

The bridal collection is modern, charming, and has an art deco flair

Kendra Scott_Earrings

 1. Mandy earrings 2/4 Elle earrings (salmon, white) 3. Allison earrings

Kendra Scott_Bracelet_Necklace_Bridal Collection

 1. Sandy necklace 2. Roni cuff 3. Harlow necklace

Interested in attending the Grand Opening, getting  first dibs on the Spring Collection, and meeting Kendra in person? Head over to Scottsdale Quarter January 17th!

Kendra Scott Spring Collection Party

I’m sure you will want to get your hot little hands on some of these pieces for yourself and you know what? They would also make FABULOUS bridal party gifts! Your girls will swoon, you will be a rockstar…POW!

Happy Planning from your Arizona Wedding Blog,


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