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Should You Hire a Videographer for Your Wedding?
categories: videography, Wedding Inspiration, Wedding Resources

You probably saw this coming but for the record, we have a firm answer to the question: should you hire a videographer for your wedding? Clearly the answer is YES!!! We went straight to the experts at Something New Media Weddings to get you the insight you need into this wedding planning decision.

In a recent blog post, Something New Media lists 5 reasons why you should hire a videographer. Here’s 3 of them:

Relive the Moments You Missed: As a bride or groom, it is impossible to be everywhere on your wedding day. There are moments that you’ll miss such as your fiancé getting ready before the ceremony, your guests arriving and sharing their excitement with each other or your grandfather wiping a tear from his face during the ceremony…

Hearing Your Vows: …While photos do a fantastic job of capturing the emotion of the day, your wedding film will allow you to hear the personal vows that you exchange with your fiancé, the tone in your voice and the laughter of the audience.

Slow Down Time: …your wedding film will be able to take you back in time and re-experience the butterflies, excitement, love and all around happiness of your wedding day.

We’re not exactly sure why hiring a videographer/cinematographer continues to be an optional wedding vendor in couples’ minds as they plan their weddings but we hope you hear our pleas and take them to heart…you MUST consider a videographer/cinematographer an essential wedding vendor!

To read all 5 complete explanations for Something New Media Weddings’ answer to “Should you hire a videographer for your wedding?”, read their blog!

Connect with Something New Media Weddings Website | Facebook | Call: (602) 730 0478

Phoenix Bride & Groom, your complete Arizona wedding magazine and wedding planning resource


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Wedding Trend: Instagram Video Clips from Something New Media
categories: Trends, videography

The Elite Circle videographers at Something New Media mentioned recently that they now offer Instagram video clips and we had to find out exactly what couples planning their weddings have to look forward to with this nifty little feature!

Basically, Instagram video clips are 13 second clips of your wedding that Something New Media creates for you to share on any social media channel you use. Since you get the clip within 3 days of your wedding, it’s a great way to share the highlights with your online friends and family, especially those who weren’t able to attend in person.

Something New Media explains the benefits of Instagram video clips:

-We do a fast turnaround so you get ‘immediate’ gratification

-We choose fun and photogenic highlights

-Instgram video clips are a cool new format that are quickly gaining popularity

-They’re a way to help build your following or show off a favorite moment or two to your social media friends

Here’s a sample Instagram video clip:

About Something New Media: We believe that every film, just like every single one of our couples, is unique and should be treated with a one-of-a-kind experience. Each film is a chance to tell a story unlike the one before it and we do this by focusing our cinematic and documentarian expertise on the people that surround the event.

To contact Something New Media and browse their wedding package options (note: not all packages include Instagram video clips), visit the website or call (602) 730 0478

Phoenix Bride & Groom, your complete Arizona wedding magazine and wedding planning resource

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Phoenix Bride & Groom Summer Fall 2016 Sneak Peek!
categories: bridal fashions, fabulous reception sites, floral inspiration, health and beauty, videography, Wedding Inspiration

You know how we get super duper excited when a new issue is about to come out? Well, the Summer Fall 2016 issue of Phoenix Bride & Groom is just about to hit newsstands and we’re so excited about it!!!

This issue promises to inspire couples to have fun at their weddings and embrace their personal style. Check out the behind the scenes cover shoot video by Something New Media:

Phoenix Bride & Groom Cover Shoot from Something New Media on Vimeo.

Many thanks to the Elite Circle cover shoot team:

Location: The Wigwam

Photography: Fully Alive Photography

Cinematography: Something New Media

Gowns: Mariee Bridal, Bella Bridesmaids

Makeup: Linda Wagner

Hair: Amber Tillinghast

Floral: Butterfly Petals

Golf Cart: Golf Cart Parts Company

Model: Allie, The Agency Arizona

The new issue will hit newsstands very soon and you can find your copy at these locations

Phoenix Bride & Groom, your complete Arizona wedding magazine and wedding planning resource

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Phoenix Wedding Videography: Something New Media Wedding Trailer
categories: Tips and Advice, videography, Wedding Inspiration

When talking wedding film/videography, couples often cite two reasons why they’re on the fence about it. The first reason is budget which, time and again, couples who did not make room in their budgets for wedding video express as a major post-wedding regret. The second reason is that they don’t think they’ll actually watch the video. To that, we always say: we’ve never met a couple who regrets hiring a wedding videographer but we’ve met couples who regret NOT hiring one!

In our corner of the world, wedding videography is a must-have and Something New Media, a Phoenix wedding videography company, may change your mind about not watching your video. They offer several packages so if you’re not into the whole shebang, you don’t have to have it!

We saw this wedding trailer from a wedding at Desert Botanical Garden planned by Meant2Be Events and had to share it because you get a sense of the couple’s relationship and their happy day even though the video is just over 2 minutes in length! It’s love in motion and we’re kind of addicted…

This is our fun Behind the Scenes video from our Winter Spring 2016 cover shoot:

Phoenix wedding videography company Something New Media can be reached online or call: (602) 730 0478

Phoenix Bride & Groom, your complete Arizona wedding magazine and wedding planning resource

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Wedding Trend: Drone Film Footage from Serendipity Cinematography
categories: Trends, videography

By now you’ve seen or at least heard about drones, right? Well, it was only a matter of time before cinematographers started using them at weddings. That’s right, professional video/cinematographers are actually using drones at weddings! Since we like to get the full story on any new wedding trend, we asked Elite Circle cinematographer Serendipity Cinematography about this cutting edge technology that is starting to be a popular trend in the wedding world.

Before you jump in and decide you MUST have drone footage at your wedding, though, there are a few things you need to know. Serendipity owner Taryn Bills shares her knowledge about this new and exciting technology:

We always want to be on the cutting edge of technology so we wanted to integrate it {drone footage} into our wedding films. It offers such a cool element to our films and really allows us to take things up yet another notch. 

The challenge is that the ability to fly the drone depends on many factors on a wedding day with the biggest one being weather. If there is a lot of wind it is a no go and since we can’t predict those conditions, it’s currently not something you can specifically hire us for. We fly it when possible. 

Serendipity Cinematography is known for their diligence when it comes to adopting any wedding trend- they’re always on the cutting edge- but they are also dedicated to safety so they made sure the film crew was properly trained. Because we need to consider people’s safety first, we actually hired someone to come out and train us on how to properly fly the drone. You could really hurt someone with one if it crashes so we have taken the time and money to make sure we are well practiced. We spent weeks flying it before we brought it to a wedding. And we fly it only for establishing shots or pre-ceremony shots. We never fly it when people are around for safety purposes and noise purposes. Yes, they are loud! 

Interested in having Serendipity Cinematography film your wedding? Connect with them online or call (602) 380 3869

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona Wedding blog_Wedding Trend_Drone Footage_serendipity cinematography

Phoenix Bride & Groom, your complete Arizona wedding planning resource

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Wedding Film: Krystal and Alan’s I Do’s in Scottsdale
categories: real weddings, Scottsdale Weddings, videography, Wedding Inspiration

In the new issue of our magazine, we feature the “light and bright” wedding celebration of Krystal and Allan. Watch this Just Married couple’s film by Serendipity Cinematography:

Pick up a copy of Phoenix Bride & Groom or check out the online feature to read all about the couple’s May nuptials!

Phoenix Bride & Groom magazine, your complete Arizona wedding planning resource

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