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Call us shy, elusive, maybe even mysterious. Whatever you want to call us, we have not properly introduced ourselves and we apologize.

We have been furiously working on posts and maybe we even avoided writing about ourselves- it’s actually a really difficult task! So meet us, get to know us and visit often. We are your Phoenix Bride & Groom BLOG TEAM!

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Stephanie Gandy Riley is the Editor of Phoenix Bride & Groom, a self-described “wedding junkie” who found her dream job in 2004 when she was asked to join this creative, collaborative team. Sure, her hands were a tad full at the time (baby Emma was a year old, while older sibs Nick and Erin were 3 and 6), but Stephanie is not one to shy away from an enormously fun assignment.

When she is not scouting out the very best in bridal/party/decor/”hey wouldn’t that be cool for a reception, ” Stephanie is an avid reader, baseball fan, and music lover. She is addicted to her iPhone and has been known to email wedding ideas to collaborators and friends from tarmacs, horseback, cruise ships and boring conferences. Her writing career began at age ten, when her story “Wormy Love” won second place in a statewide “young novelist” competition. Her husband readily indulges her wedding obsession, knowing that she would have been dangerous if she had this job 17 years ago when they got married in Sacramento, California. Email her at at any time, night or day, with tips and trends you’d like to share.

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Kelly Gill is the lucky gal who gets to be the eyes, ears and primary voice of the Phoenix Bride & Groom blog. To hear Kelly tell it, she is a “homebody trapped in an extrovert’s body.” To hear the Bride & Groom team tell it, she’s the perfect match for an extremely hard working and fun loving team who loves helping couples plan their dream weddings.

Her “jack of all trades” past includes experience with one of the area’s top event planning teams, so she knows a great party when she sees one! She’s a pro when it comes to the pitfalls of wedding planning, and loves to find the best of the best in the industry. Mother to Aiden and Avery and wife to Cory, Kelly has been hanging out with the same book club of wine-sipping pals for ten years. She’s a true blue friend who considers herself to be “annoyingly perky” even when things get rough. We think you’ll find her to be the best friend you never met, as she brings you wedding and honeymoon inspiration.

Says Kelly: “I believe it is our job to spread goodness and happiness in the world, even if we have to muster up the courage to do so. I never claim to have all the answers and am fascinated with people’s stories.” Share your stories with Kelly at

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