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Wedding Trend: Food Trucks at your Reception
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When I set out to gather information about food trucks at weddings, I had no idea what I would get. Would these vendors be so on the go that the wouldn’t have much time for me? Are they even equipped to do weddings? Would they answer any of my questions even though I myself can’t make food in a truck?

The resounding answer is: Food Truck owners rock! It’s clear that Phoenix’s relatively new breed of  mobile restaurant owners and chefs are passionate, energetic, and love the idea of working with brides and grooms. And seriously, who wouldn’t want a S’mores Melt from The Grilled Cheese Truck (Nutella with toasted marshmallows and graham crackers on sweet brioche bread) to nosh on while dancing into the wee hours?Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona Wedding magazine_Wedding Trend_The Grilled Cheese Truck_Arizona Food truck_SmoresMelt

(S’Mores Melt; The Grilled Cheese Truck)

Why are food trucks so popular at weddings? It all began with the late-night snack craze at receptions: couples wanted to feed their guests their favorite foods in the late hours to keep the energy level up and the fun factor high (and to keep those who had the late-night munchies from leaving early and heading to a drive-through). With the rise in food truck popularity in Phoenix, it only makes sense that couples would want the flash of a food truck to go along with their wedding late-night snacks. Food trucks have relatively low overhead so your cost isn’t astronomical and like rockstars, they don’t go to bed early.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona Wedding magazine_Wedding Trend_Burgers Amore_food truck Arizona

(Greasy Tony Bacon Cheddar and Hamburger, Skinny Snookie Turkey Shroom with onions; Burgers Amore)

I chatted with some local food truck favorites- Luncha Libre, The Grilled Cheese Truck, Q-up! Barbecue, Burgers Amore, and SuperFarm SuperTruck- and they are more than willing to park and serve anywhere they have permission. If you want one of them (or all 5) at your reception, the first thing you need to do (after tasting the food of course) is communicate your desire to have a food truck to your event coordinator and venue. There may be restrictions regarding parking and serving food on the property but with the increased popularity of food trucks, venues are becoming more open to the idea.

Harry from the insanely popular Luncha Libre truck advises that brides and grooms interview the chef and ask specific catering-related questions. Not all Food truck chefs have the training and experience required to run large volume catering events.  Running a food truck and catering a wedding are two very different experiences. Make sure that the truck is able to handle (both from a volume and capability standpoint) the type of food you are looking for.

Ask for the size dimensions of the truck and make sure that it will fit or be able to be maneuvered into the area for service. Also find out what type of generator the truck uses and how loud it is. Generators are notorious for being loud and can be a problem.  Look for trucks with Propane or high-end generators that are quiet and odorless.

Lastly, a power source might also be a good thing to discuss. Ask if the truck will need to plug in to a power outlet and what plug/power is required.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona Wedding magazine_Wedding Trend_Luncha Libre_Food Truck_Arizona

(Churros, Quesadillas and Luncharita; Luncha Libre)

SuperFarm SuperTruck (based out of Superstition Farm) provides a wide range of experiences; whether it’s noshes, rehearsal dinners, a bridal shower, or 5 courses with linens, we learn about you and your event – themes, colors, budget, dreams, amount of people and what kind of service you prefer.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona Wedding magazine_Wedding Trend_Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona Wedding magazine_Wedding Trend_SuperFarm SuperTruck_food truck_arizona

(Sandwiches, Salad and Ice Cream; SuperFarm SuperTruck)

With food trucks, your food options are broad; I would die for an “All Thai’d Up Quesadilla” (citrus marinated chicken, serranos, onions, jack cheese, sweet thai chile sauce) from Luncha Libre or the “Gangsta Grilled Cheese” (smoked brisket, bacony mac n cheese grilled cheese sandwich on toasty cheesy sourdough bread) from Q-up! Barbecue to keep me dancing all night!

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona Wedding magazine_Wedding Trend_Qup Barbecue_food truck_Arizona

(2 and 3 Meat Plates, Gangsta Grilled Cheese Sandwich; Q-up! Barbecue)

Often food truck food is comfort food so if you like ooey gooey grilled cheese at midnight, The Grilled Cheese Truck is your truck. Their signature item- the “Cheesy Mac and Rib Melt” (sharp cheddar cheese paired with house smoked BBQ pulled pork, homemade southern mac and cheese and caramelized onions)- will satisfy any wedding guest needing a boost. Manager Chris Walker says it’s also important to hire trucks as soon as you know you want them- these mobile restaurants are part of a lively culture that plans their appearances in advance.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona Wedding magazine_Wedding Trend_The Grilled Cheese Truck_food truck_Arizona

(Cheesy Mac and Rib Melt, Fried Chicken and Waffle Melt, Caprese Melt; The Grilled Cheese Truck)

Trust me when I say, people who own and run food trucks are talented and creative and can’t wait to bring their tasty concoctions to your event. We think having a truck show up to the location of your bachelor/bachelorette party would be a HUGE hit with your crew too.

Don’t forget, you will want to sample the food and get an idea of the atmosphere each truck brings before choosing who to hire. Food trucks are notoriously good with their social media so follow the trucks on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. You can also use these Phoenix food truck resources for more information:

Food Trucks AZ

Food Truck Caravan

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  1. Qup BBQ Says:

    We do and have done many wedding receptions. Here is our direct link to our wedding page on our site Contact us!

  2. Janna Says:

    Does anyone have any good idea of reception venues where you can have food trucks?? I’m running into the problem of having to use the venue’s “recommended” vendors

  3. Kelly Says:

    Hi Janna!

    You can view all of our ceremony and reception venues on our website where each has a quick view of their vendor requirements/capacities/etc. You can also contact them directly from our website so you’ll save lots of time! Best of luck to you!

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