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Shhhhh…the Bride and Groom are here!
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What in the world could we be discussing today? Is it guest etiquette during a first dance? No! Is it wedding guest cell phone taboos? Nope! Today we are talking about our teeniest, sweetest and often noisiest guests…the kids!

(Photo By: Eyes2See Photography)

(Photo By: Chris Richards Photography)

Many couples plan for children to be at their weddings and I am all for it. Families are blending, flower girls and ring bearers have wedding duties and children love a party just as much as adults do but how can you keep kids happy and entertained so they don’t become unruly? You must be very clever and plan ahead.

(Photo By: Marriott Photo)

(Photo By: Chris Richards Photography)

During my years in the wedding world, I have seen couples plan fabulous fun for the kids and I have seen couples shun this idea (only to pay the expensive broken vase price later). Check out these ways to keep kids (or even adults) busy:

1. The kids table! I loathed being banished to the kids table at Thanksgiving but if you make it a fun and kid-friendly table, I’m sure you won’t hear any complaints

(Photo By: Phyllis Lane Photography)

(Photo By: Jennifer Bowen Photography)

2. Activities are key; even the littlest ones can play I Spy (with the help of someone who can read of course), Word Finds and Wedding Word Scrambles

(Photo By: Jennifer Bowen Photography , Concept By: Victoria Canada Weddings and Events)

(Photo By: Marriott Photo)

Crossword puzzles keep all ages occupied

(Photo By: Sergio Photographer)

3. Go super-creative and set up a kids’ game station. This Tic Tac Toe game from our Seven Canyons photoshoot in Sedona can easily be modified to fit any wedding decor.

(Concept By: Sedona Luxury Weddings and Events and Dalish Events, Photo By: Sedona Bride Photographers)

If you plan to entertain several children over the age of 6 and you want to go down is history as the VERY best wedding hosts, bring in a portable Game Truck. The kids will go in to play all kinds of games but I must warn you: you probably won’t see them the rest of the night!

(Photo Courtesy of Games2U)

4. Instill a little competition: by posting trivia games at the table, you are appealing to kids’ competitive natures. This is appropriate for older kids and adults depending on the trivia. Include a prize for the most correct answers and you will really get them going!

(Concept By: Butterfly Petals, Photo By: Ten West Photography)

5. Set up a separate kids dance floor. You can use your own ipod pepared with kids dance music or even bring someone in to be the kids’ DJ- they can do the chicken dance, hokey pokey, etc. Don’t be surprised if some of the adults wander over to “check on the kids”!

(Photo By: Something Blue Photography)

6. And finally, keep them fed! You know how cranky you get when you are hungry? Kids are the same way! You can offer easy to eat kids’ food like mac and cheese or chicken fingers but if you want to really keep the kids happy, set up kid friendly food stations like a taco bar, hamburgers and hot dogs or a pasta bar. And of course, don’t forget a sundae bar.

(Photo By: Jennifer Bowen Photography)

Surely these happy kids had some fun at the wedding…and behaved too!

(Photo  By: Chris Richards Photography

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2 Responses to “Shhhhh…the Bride and Groom are here!”

  1. Jess Says:

    These are VERY clever ideas to keep children entertained. That isn’t the first thing on a couples mind when planning a wedding, but can be extremely important for your guests who are trying to enjoy themselves while listening to kids scream or throw tantrums because they are bored. It doesn’t take much to prepare for this in advance, but will be well worth it. Good tips Phoenix Bride & Groom!

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  2. azkelly Says:

    Thanks Jessica!

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