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Advice from Wedding Photographers | Phoenix, Arizona
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Everyone who gets married wants to love their wedding photos—even the couples who aren’t all that comfortable in the spotlight of the lens—so we asked the best photographers we know for their advice. It just makes sense to ask for advice from wedding photographers, doesn’t it? Here’s what Arizona’s Elite Circle photographers have to say about how to have a fabulous wedding day (which, if you hire a great photographer, will result in fabulous photos!):

Advice from Wedding Photographers _Phoenix Bride and Groom_DePoy Studios_Insider PerspectiveDePoyStudios_SanMarcosStyledshoot133_low

(Photographer: Depoy Studios)

Christina DePoy of DePoy Studios:

Hire your wedding photographer ASAP and get to work on your timeline before your wedding invitations go out.

No matter what happens on your wedding day—the cake does not show up, your dress does not fit, you have to kick a groomsman out at the last minute for being too drunk, or the DJ is super late—just remember that you are there to celebrate your love for one another, with the people who love you the most.

Advice from Wedding Photographers _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Ben and Kelly_Insider Perspective

(Photographer: Ben & Kelly Photography)

Ben and Kelly Koller of Ben & Kelly Photography

The best wedding photos are the most authentic ones—the ones that capture real moments throughout the day. The ones that bring them back to the wedding day and evoke that emotion all over again; Be yourself and let the day unfold as organically as possible.

Don’t make your wedding day all about the photos. Let your photos be all about the moments of the wedding day.

Advice from Wedding Photographers _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Eyes2See_Insider Perspective

(Photographer: Eyes 2 See)

Stuart Thurlkill of Eyes 2 See:

If you want to have amazing photographs make sure to book an engagement session. By having a trial run you are more relaxed and confident on your wedding day.

Warm smiles come from a full heart and intimate words; Share with all your guests how your heart is feeling.

Advice from Wedding Photographers _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Fully Alive_Insider Perspective

(Photographer: Fully Alive Photography, Location: Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens)

Tracy Battaglia of  Fully Alive Photography:

Be in love! Gaze into each other’s eyes, even when everyone is looking. Trust you did everything to your best ability, and on your wedding day, just be free. Truly be present.

Incorporate colors, details and landscapes that make you come alive.

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