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Outdoor Engagement Session in Arizona | Phoenix
categories: Engagement, photography

outdoor engagement session in Arizona _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Fully Alive Photography

OK Natasha and Crosby, we see you. We adore you. We need to redo our own engagement photos… ha ha!

When Elite Circle photographer Tracy Battaglia from Fully Alive Photography sent us this gorgeous outdoor engagement session in Arizona- at Desert Botanical Garden and Papago Park to be exact- we had some serious engagement session envy. These two have it all- a fun demeanor, a good dose of sexiness, the most perfect desert backdrop with pops of color and a very cool sense of style. Enjoy every juicy minute of this one readers!

outdoor engagement session in Arizona _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Fully Alive Photography

The couple met through a dating app, chatted online and eventually met in person. It’s been 2 years since that fateful meeting and here they are, engaged and getting married in December!

Desert Botanical Garden is such a lovely setting for an outdoor engagement session in Arizona because it has all kinds of winding paths, desert flowers and cacti and interesting architecture as well.

outdoor engagement session in Arizona _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Fully Alive Photography outdoor engagement session in Arizona _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Fully Alive Photography outdoor engagement session in Arizona _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Fully Alive Photography

Favorite Things: 

Crosby: How she can make me smile every single waking second. We have such a similar taste of culture and lust for adventure, and she’s really opened my eyes to a lot of awesome stuff that I don’t think I would have experienced so fully. 

Natasha: He is the best partner to journey through all the winding paths of life with; his passion for life is infectious. He helps me see the brighter side of the darkest of situations, and never fails to make me laugh.

outdoor engagement session in Arizona _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Fully Alive Photography outdoor engagement session in Arizona _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Fully Alive Photography outdoor engagement session in Arizona _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Fully Alive Photography

With the warm sunlight and cool shady spots, Fully Alive Photography took full advantage of the perfect weather for this outdoor engagement session in Arizona

outdoor engagement session in Arizona _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Fully Alive Photographyoutdoor engagement session in Arizona _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Fully Alive Photography

We’re a whole lot in love with the quiet tenderness captured in this photo

outdoor engagement session in Arizona _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Fully Alive Photography

Ideal Date Night: Good food followed by live music at a dive bar, maybe skee-ball.

outdoor engagement session in Arizona _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Fully Alive Photography outdoor engagement session in Arizona _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Fully Alive Photography

The Proposal: Crosby proposed to me on 12/26/15, which also happens to be my birthday. He, along with my closest friends, arranged a circus themed birthday party for me at their house, but kept the surprise of the proposal. Crosby even had my best friend from California come down to be a part of the event. I was dressed as the ringmaster, and he in full vintage clown makeup. He filled the room with so many of my dearest friends and actually dropped to both knees while proposing. Needless to say, I said yes immediately! I was totally surprised and spent much of the night in awe of how much love filled that entire home.

How did you choose Fully Alive Photography? When I was first planning my wedding, one of my closest friends and I went to a bridal expo in downtown Phoenix. I was immediately struck by how gorgeous Tracy’s photos were; so many beautiful compositions and colors. After I had the opportunity to experience her warm and genuine demeanor in person, I was sold. 

Congratulations Natasha and Crosby and thank you for letting us feature your engagement session- we can’t wait to hear about the wedding!

Photos: Fully Alive Photography

Location: Desert Botanical Garden & Papago Park

Hair and Makeup: Primp & Blow (Arcadia)

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Engagement Photo Session in Tempe, Arizona
categories: Engagement, photography

Angel and Imelda’s love story starts in the cutest way- they were enrolled in a high school French class and Imelda, who had recently moved to the States and hadn’t refined her English skills yet, knew she needed a partner who would be willing to help with both her English and French. She spotted Angel, who seemed very nice and sweet, and they hit it off! Today we’re sharing their engagement photo session in Tempe and you’ll love this couple’s sweetness and adoration for each other.

engagement photo session _arizona_phoenix-bride-and-groom_something-new-media-1

What is your favorite thing about each other?

Imelda: He makes me feel extremely comfortable with myself. Even from our first date I felt like I could be the best version of myself without even trying.

Angel: I love how creative and kind she is. She’s always working on something. And she’s outgoing and she takes so much initiative. For example, the house. She goes over every detail; inside to out.

engagement photo session _arizona_phoenix-bride-and-groom_something-new-media engagement photo session _arizona_phoenix-bride-and-groom_something-new-media

Ideal date night: Going out to a new restaurant with food from a different culture with a group of our best friends. Definitely trying new food and trying something new.

engagement photo session _arizona_phoenix-bride-and-groom_something-new-media

The Proposal: After many years of dating, we decided to start attending a church together and eventually a Friday night Bible study with friends. Valentine’s Day was coming up and Imelda wanted to know if we had plans. I had something up my sleeve but didn’t let Imelda know; we were just going to bible study that Friday evening, nothing else. During the prayer exchange, everyone wrote notes and threw them into a fish bowl to read aloud. When it came time for Imelda to read hers, she started reading and realized it was the first half of First Corinthians 13:4. As the words ended, I finished the rest of the Bible verse and got down on one knee to propose to her. She was surrounded by her closest group of friends and family and it could not have been more perfect.


engagement photo session _arizona_phoenix-bride-and-groom_something-new-media

The couple’s engagement photo session was in downtown Tempe on Mill Avenue- the street has so much energy so it’s definitely a fun location!

engagement photo session _arizona_phoenix-bride-and-groom_something-new-media

engagement photo session _arizona_phoenix-bride-and-groom_something-new-media

How did you choose Something New Media for your engagement photo session? We had seen their work through social media and from the moment we saw it, we knew they were right choice. In talking about our wedding with friends and family, we knew exactly what we wanted and Something New Media was it. 

engagement photo session _arizona_phoenix-bride-and-groom_something-new-media

What are you most excited about regarding your wedding? We are most excited to have everyone enjoy the wedding with us…after the ceremony, we envision people just surrounding us. It’s only really one day ever that you get everyone you love and enjoy surrounding you. It’s just amazing to have that captured.

Angel and Imelda, thank you for sharing your engagement photo session with us and congratulations on your upcoming wedding!

Photos: Something New Media Weddings | Email: | Call: 602-730-0478

Phoenix Bride & Groom, your complete Arizona wedding magazine and wedding planning resource

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Engagement: Katie and Brian
categories: Engagement

Initially just friends, Katie and Brian have worked together at the same law firm for over 8 years and as Katie says, “business and pleasure do mix!”.  Enjoy their Phoenix Art Museum engagement session…

The Proposal: Brian and I had our first date at Trader Vic’s at the Hotel Valley Ho. He also proposed to me at the Hotel Valley Ho in the Spring of 2011. The night he proposed, he made surprise dinner reservations at Trader Vic’s. While walking through grounds on our way to the restaurant, he opened a random hotel room door which revealed “will you marry me?” spelled with rose petals on the entryway floor.

The Relationship: Brian and I are a team in every aspect of our lives.  We work together, play together, and neither of us would want it any other way.  You may see this from the photographs – we bring out the best in each other.

Favorite Things:

My favorite thing about Brian is that he is an eternal optimist. He has been there for me through the most difficult times in my life, and I know that I can count on him for encouragement and positivity.

Katie is the most caring, gracious, and giving person I know. She is always looking for ways to do things for others, whether it is making dinner or babysitting their kids, often with little to nothing received in return. She is always gracious with her time, and truly places our new family front and center, and makes every day wonderful.

I really love these pictures with the black and white backgrounds- they seem so wintery and dramatic

(All images courtesy of: Hagerty Photography)

Why Hagerty Photography?

We knew the moment we met Sarah that Hagerty Photography was the one!  She has a very unique, modern yet classic, point of view.  And, of course, a sparkling personality!  We were both immediately comfortable with Sarah and found it very easy to work with her.  She listened to what we wanted, and drew on her own experience in order to give us the best photography results possible.

Congratulations Katie and Brian!

Happy Planning from your Arizona Wedding Blog!




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Engagement: Rachel and Scott
categories: Engagement

Airplane hangars have recently gained popularity as a location for photo sessions but I think what makes them a fitting place for photos is when there’s a personal connection to the planes themselves. Scott has deep roots- he’s a pilot amongst a family of pilots- and was thrilled to hang out with the vintage aircraft pictured here. I like how Rachel and Scott’s fun vibe and ease with each other comes through in each photo.

The Proposal:

Scott planned a weekend in Sedona for us. We went on this beautiful hike and Scott ‘pretended’ to have dropped a flashlight that he usually carries on him. So here we are looking for this flashlight (which he really did misplace a few weeks prior), and backtracking our trail, when all of a sudden he says, “Oh there it is!” and kneels down to get it, only when he turns back around, he is on one knee holding my ring in his hand. It was romantic and funny and totally Scott.

Favorite Things:

Rachel: My favorite thing is by far his sense of humor. We have a really similar sense of humor and are constantly laughing and cracking jokes! That’s what attracted me to him in the first place and as I say to random strangers he makes laugh, “Everyday is a party!”

Scott: One of my favorite things about Rachel is that she likes to try new things to do. We often go to restaurants and things like that that I normally wouldn’t try on my own. She keeps things interesting. I also really like her Miniature Pinsher, Lilu.

What drew you to Mike Olbinski Photography? I met Mike during a photo exhibition I participated in a year before. It was then that I noticed his outstanding weather photography. One of the things that Scott and I have in common is our intense love for all things storms. Lighting. Thunder. Rain. The more the better. I was fascinated with Mike’s work and shared it with Scott…The thing we like most about him was his style. He didn’t churn out cookie cutter wedding images. What we saw were beautiful, unique, candid images, and that was exactly what we wanted for our engagement and wedding. 

Congratulations to Rachel and Scott who were recently married (their wedding was a “vintage, french, romantic, rustic chic, romantic, intimate backyard wedding” ) and thank you for sharing your engagement session with us!

All images courtesy of Mike Olbinski Photography

Happy Planning from your Arizona Wedding Blog!





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Engagement: Sarah and Johnny
categories: Engagement

It’s clear to me that engagement season 2010/2011 was a busy one.  There are so many unique and beautiful couples getting married in the next year or so and I am giddy to be able to share their engagement sessions with you!

Today’s couple is Sarah and Johnny, a midwestern couple who now live in central Phoenix. They hired Keith Pitts to photograph their engagement and wedding and for their engagement session, they did exactly what photographers (and I) always recommend: DO SOMETHING! Look at this carefree bike-riding duo:

Keith is a master at using the surrounding architecture to create beautiful images. Love love love the elevator pic- Sarah’s naturally casual stance shows how comfortable this couple is in front of the camera.

Sarah is a speech-language pathologist and Johnny is a mechanical engineer who met through friends. It took them a whole year to start dating though…

This is my favorite set of images- the colors are luscious and Sarah and Johnny are just so natural and cute:


Of course I had to ask what their favorite things are about each other (that’s my favorite question because usually most people know their answer right away and it’s all sweetness):

One of Sarah’s favorite things about Johnny is “his ability to create..whether it be an entire remodeled house or an intricate box with credit cards to conceal the engagement ring (while he was waiting to propose).”

Johnny’s favorite thing about Sarah is “her thoughtfulness as it relates to everything (planning her day, buying gifts, etc).”

See what I mean? Love it!

THANK YOU to Sarah and Johhny for sharing your engagement pics with us and of course Keith Pitts for your help and talent!

Chatting Soon~Kelly

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Engagement Session: Britney and Josh
categories: Engagement, photography

Enagagement Season is officially here and I couldn’t be more giddy. According to The Wedding Wizards, 15% of all engagements happen in December so this is THE time to get engaged, start trolling magazines and the internet for inspiration and begin considering who you are going to hire for your wedding. We call this Wedding Immersion.

After determining the wedding date(s), couples typically find their ceremony and reception site then move on to coordinator and photographer. These are the people who get booked up quickly and if you want the lead coordinator or photographer, you need to plan way ahead. Since I want you to find all the vendors who will make your day exactly as you envision it, we will be featuring couples and their vendors’ work so that you can get a better sense of who these pros are.

Today I share with you Britney and Josh’s engagement session. Sarah Hagerty of Hagerty Photography took the pics and I think you will find them to be VERY stylish…

Sarah says “We had so much fun with this couple up in Jerome, AZ.  It was summertime when we shot these and it was hot in the valley and we were dying for the best backdrop we could find.  Jerome gave us all of that!  My husband and I even got there early to eat lunch.  We were seated in the restaurant, looked-up and there were Britney and Josh at the same restaurant doing the same thing.  We ended up sitting together and having a great time!  When it was time for pictures – the clouds were beautiful, the sun was out and we couldn’t have had more fun!”

I love how Britney and Josh totally committed to the scenery- they embraced the various street signs, arches, a rusty barn, colorful doorways, some guy’s van etc etc! Does the “End One Way” sign make you think of the compromise married couples make to stay happy? Interesting…

Look at how they confidently look right into the camera…Britney and Josh make a very strong couple!
My favorite image of the batch; the sun, the foliage, the couple in a close moment… all of it pulls me in.
Britney and Josh did a fabulous job of changing up their poses, being comfortable with the camera and enjoying each other. It’s bliss I tell you, BLISS! 
Sarah Hagerty of Hagerty Photography has this to share with couples who are scheduling their engagement session anytime between June and October: “If you are shooting the engagement shoot in the Arizona summer – go destination.  It makes for better weather, you get to know your photographer well and you might even become great friends by spending more time together!”
Thank  you to Britney and Josh for sharing with us and to Sarah for her invaluable assistance!
You can see more of Sarah’s work at Hagerty Photography.
Chatting Soon Lovebirds~Kelly
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