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Advice from Wedding Photographers | Phoenix, Arizona
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Everyone who gets married wants to love their wedding photos—even the couples who aren’t all that comfortable in the spotlight of the lens—so we asked the best photographers we know for their advice. It just makes sense to ask for advice from wedding photographers, doesn’t it? Here’s what Arizona’s Elite Circle photographers have to say about how to have a fabulous wedding day (which, if you hire a great photographer, will result in fabulous photos!):

Advice from Wedding Photographers _Phoenix Bride and Groom_DePoy Studios_Insider PerspectiveDePoyStudios_SanMarcosStyledshoot133_low

(Photographer: Depoy Studios)

Christina DePoy of DePoy Studios:

Hire your wedding photographer ASAP and get to work on your timeline before your wedding invitations go out.

No matter what happens on your wedding day—the cake does not show up, your dress does not fit, you have to kick a groomsman out at the last minute for being too drunk, or the DJ is super late—just remember that you are there to celebrate your love for one another, with the people who love you the most.

Advice from Wedding Photographers _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Ben and Kelly_Insider Perspective

(Photographer: Ben & Kelly Photography)

Ben and Kelly Koller of Ben & Kelly Photography

The best wedding photos are the most authentic ones—the ones that capture real moments throughout the day. The ones that bring them back to the wedding day and evoke that emotion all over again; Be yourself and let the day unfold as organically as possible.

Don’t make your wedding day all about the photos. Let your photos be all about the moments of the wedding day.

Advice from Wedding Photographers _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Eyes2See_Insider Perspective

(Photographer: Eyes 2 See)

Stuart Thurlkill of Eyes 2 See:

If you want to have amazing photographs make sure to book an engagement session. By having a trial run you are more relaxed and confident on your wedding day.

Warm smiles come from a full heart and intimate words; Share with all your guests how your heart is feeling.

Advice from Wedding Photographers _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Fully Alive_Insider Perspective

(Photographer: Fully Alive Photography, Location: Boojum Tree Hidden Gardens)

Tracy Battaglia of  Fully Alive Photography:

Be in love! Gaze into each other’s eyes, even when everyone is looking. Trust you did everything to your best ability, and on your wedding day, just be free. Truly be present.

Incorporate colors, details and landscapes that make you come alive.

To get even more advice from wedding photographers, click here!

Phoenix Bride & Groom, your complete Arizona wedding planning resource

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Engaged: Katrina and Greg
categories: Engagement

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona wedding magazine_engaged_photographer_Hagerty Photography_ASU engagement session (1)

Katrina and Greg were both students at ASU when they met through mutual friends so of course they did their engagement session at ASU’s football stadium! We love their easy going engagement session style and think you will too.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona wedding magazine_engaged_photographer_Hagerty Photography_ASU engagement session (2)

The Proposal: In early 2014, Greg and I took a vacation to Vancouver, British Columbia. On the last night in town, we enjoyed a nice dinner and walked the city streets. Greg invited me to an outdoor terrace near our room that overlooked the town and we shared a bottle of wine and made small talk. Greg returning to the room for a minute and reemerged on the terrace with a ring. Getting down on his knees (too much wine) he asked me to marry him. With an enthusiastic “yes”, we left for Victoria to enjoy the rest of what would now be known as our engagement trip.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona wedding magazine_engaged_photographer_Hagerty Photography_ASU engagement session (3) Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona wedding magazine_engaged_photographer_Hagerty Photography_ASU engagement session (4)

Favorite Things: Our favorite things about each other is that we both really enjoy each other’s company. We have similar taste in music, and we compliment each other well. Greg is very handsome, romantic, and a hard worker, and I’m very caring and compassionate.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona wedding magazine_engaged_photographer_Hagerty Photography_ASU engagement session (5) Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona wedding magazine_engaged_photographer_Hagerty Photography_ASU engagement session (6)

How did you choose Hagerty Photography? We are getting married at Tempe Center for the Arts May 30, 2015 and we saw that Hagerty Photography had done a few weddings [there] and we really enjoyed their style. Sarah was also very pleasant when meeting with her for the first time.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona wedding magazine_engaged_photographer_Hagerty Photography_ASU engagement session (7) Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona wedding magazine_engaged_photographer_Hagerty Photography_ASU engagement session (8) Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona wedding magazine_engaged_photographer_Hagerty Photography_ASU engagement session (9)

Your ideal date night: …going to a nice dinner, drinking wine, and/or going to music venues to listen to great music.

We love these images where Katrina and Greg are so relaxed and happy- exactly how engagement sessions should be!

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona wedding magazine_engaged_photographer_Hagerty Photography_ASU engagement session (10) Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona wedding magazine_engaged_photographer_Hagerty Photography_ASU engagement session (11) Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona wedding magazine_engaged_photographer_Hagerty Photography_ASU engagement session (12)

Congratulations Katrina and Greg- we can’t wait to hear about the wedding!

Photos: Hagerty Photography, an Elite Circle photographer

Phoenix Bride & Groom, your complete Arizona wedding planning resource

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Photo & Video Fusion from Verdi Photography
categories: Meet Our Friends, photography, Trends, videography

Since just about every couple who plans their wedding does so with the intention of making it unique, we are always on the lookout for the latest and greatest ideas. Luckily, we work with the Elite Circle, vendors who are cutting edge professionals, so of course whenever one of our Elite Circle members tells us about something they offer that’s interesting and fun, we jump on the chance to share with you. Today we introduce you to Photo & Video Fusion from Photography by Verdi.

Photo & Video Fusion is exactly what it sounds like- you get photography and videography fused together into one awesome slideshow. Literally, you’ll be looking at still pictures one second and moving pictures the next. It’s the perfect blend of photo and video. If this is’t cool, I don’t know what is!

Maren and Josh met at ASU and got married at Juniper Wells Ranch in September. Here’s their video:

I  caught up with them to see what they thought of this unique option; Maren explains their thoughts:

I booked Photography by Verdi because I loved their photography and after I booked them they sent me a fusion video from a wedding they had done and I cried…..I didn’t even know the couple! I just thought that it told the most beautiful story. When you plan your wedding you dream about these little scenes that make up the day; walking down the aisle, the first look, the first dance, etc. You run them through your head dreaming of this magical day over and over hoping that it will be as perfect in real life as it is in your dreams. The video fusion that Verdi puts together captured the very essences of my dreams and the emotions I was feeling on my wedding day.

Here’s another beauty from Photography by Verdi:

We love that our Elite Circle members continue to innovate and create all for your benefit!

Want to know more about Photography by Verdi? Find them on the web and on Facebook!

Phoenix Bride and Groom, your Phoenix wedding magazine


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Engagement: Nicole and Jeff
categories: Engagement

Nicole and Jeff’s engagement session took place in Old Town Scottsdale where there are rustic alleys, lots of environmental texture and of course, sunny spots perfect for smooching. I think you’re going to like this session because although it’s not overly styled, it’s stylish and pretty sweet too. Be on the lookout for the colorful fabric tree…it’s my favorite!

The Proposal:

We celebrated Christmas with my side of the family on December 26th, 2011 (in Vancouver Canada – we are originally from Calgary). Knowing how much of a family girl I am (my mom and sister are my best friends), he jumped at the opportunity to do it while we were all together. We took turn opening gifts, and after they were all gone from under the tree, Jeff disappeared for a few seconds and came back with a cylinder-shaped box. I was in such shock that I immediately thought to myself, “He got me a candle?”.  After untying the ribbon, I noticed it said “Vera Wang” on this beautiful box. I knew she made wedding dresses… so I finally put two and two together. Jeff got down on one knee and told me how much he loved me, how happy I make him and how he looks forward to our future together. We were both crying and we started kissing and hugging before he even asked me to marry him. In the background, we heard my sister shout, “ask her!” Jeff finally said, “Oh ya! Will you marry me?” and of course, I said yes!

Favorite things (i.e., the gooshy part):

Jeff says: My favorite things about you are that you are kind, family-oriented and your beauty is unmatched by any one in this world!

Nicole says: Jeff is incredibly generous, always puts others first. He will make a great father (I can tell by the way he is with our puppy), and I melt every time he smiles and shows off his dimples!

This is exactly what I’m going to tell my husband we should do next time we get pictures taken: look, kiss, cuddle, repeat.

Check out this tree…I completely love these pictures!

What drew you to Emily Snitzer Photography?

I was immediately drawn to Emily’s photography. Everything I envision for my wedding day, I could see in her photos while I flipped through her portfolio. Her photos are fresh, unique, sweet, she knows how to capture the moment and she isn’t afraid to step outside the box and try all sorts of angles. I trust her completely. Even when we were shooting this engagement session, she led us to a tight gap between two buildings. I didn’t even hesitate to ask what she was thinking, I knew she’d be able to make anything look great!

Wedding Excitement: 

We are most excited that this is a destination wedding for the majority of our friends and family who live in Canada. Of course I am excited for me and my girls to get dolled up and I can’t wait to wear my dress! Also, this is a big year for my family (parent’s 30th anniversary, mom turning 50, nephew turning 1, my brother and Jeff graduating from school) so we are not only celebrating our love, but all of the accomplishments of the people we love! What a way to ring in the new year. Also, we can’t wait to spend forever with each other!

The Details:

We are having our ceremony in an outdoor corridor lined with tall lit palm trees. While they wait, the guests will have an opportunity to fill out a crossword about us, which I created on the back of the program (the answers will be on the flipside of the dinner menu). A spanish guitarist will play as I walk down the aisle, and after a short ceremony, our guests will be led to Las Palmas. We’re featuring a cigar bar, buffet dinner, lots of drink and dancing, a mini putting green (which will be our ‘kissing game’ instead of clinging the glasses – get a hole in one, we kiss! Jeff is enrolled in a Golf Management Program.) Our colors are classic – Black, Ivory and accents of teal blue. I am making all of our centerpieces by hand, and our cake is being designed by our friend who is a pastry chef. After dinner we plan on releasing chinese paper lanterns into the sky to signify a wish for the couple!

I think you can see why I liked this engagement session- aren’t Nicole and Jeff just so CUTE???

Congratulations to you and thank you for sharing your pics with us!

Happy Planning from your Arizona Wedding Blog!



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Real Arizona Wedding: Chrissy and Anthony
categories: cakes and sweets, fabulous reception sites, real weddings, reception ideas, Scottsdale Weddings, Wedding Inspiration

Chrissy and Anthony’s multi-cultural wedding was a fun mix of classic details and artistic touches; there were so many personal and well-thought out moments during the wedding that we know you will absolutely love it and hopefully be inspired to make your own wedding a true reflection of you as a couple.

The entire wedding party got together for a “classroom photo shoot” before the ceremony, acting out their former high school personalities while dressed in wedding attire – it was the perfect way for everyone to relax before the wedding; the photos are priceless and hilarious!

Anthony’s Vietnamese culture was honored in the Catholic ceremony with the inclusion of a Vietnamese priest. Also in honor of his heritage, Chrissy changed from her traditional wedding gown into a Vietnamese Áo dài for part of the reception.

Staying true to the couple’s ‘mod’ personalities and love of the 80’s, Anthony was inspired by a scene from the movie “Some Kind of Wonderful”. He painted a picture of Chrissy and somehow talked the Phoenix Art Museum into letting him hang it on the wall. Expecting a normal visit to the museum, Chrissy was surprised when she saw the painting and he knelt down to propose! Here’s your proof that wedding coordinators are prone to genius: Victoria Canada Weddings and Events displayed the original proposal painting on a museum display card, as if guests were in a museum, next to the images taken during the proposal; they also arranged to have a replica of Anthony’s painting projected onto the dance floor.

Chrissy and Anthony created all of their own paper products and hand-painted their table numbers- love this artistic DIY Wedding inspiration!

The entire bridal party burst into the reception room to Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage” complete with mustaches, sunglasses and other props- check out the video!


The video from Blue Shore Cinema is simply fabulous:

Congratulations Chrissy and Anthony and thank you for sharing your day with us!

Chrissy and Anthony’s Real Arizona Wedding Team:

Wedding Coordinator: Victoria Canada Weddings and Events

Ceremony Site: Brophy Chapel

Reception Site: Arizona Biltmore

Photographer: Melissa Jill Photography

Videographer: Blue Shore Productions, inc

Bridal Gown Store: Uptown Bridal and Boutique

Bridesmaids Dresses: Uptown Bridal and Boutique

Tuxedos: Mr Formal

Florist: Le Fleur Boutique

Entertainment: MT Sounds

Linens: Southwick Linens

Make-up Artist: MAC, Stacy

Hair Stylist: InHairEtance Salon, Sastia

Rentals: Classic Party Rentals

Lighting: Swank Audio Visual

Transportation:Ollie the Trolley

Rehearsal Dinner Site: Aunt Chilada’s


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Arizona Engagement: Shannon and Owen
categories: Engagement, Sedona

There’s so much to love about Shannon and Owen’s story- where they met, how he proposed, their wedding plans…but first, have  a look see at their sexy little Sedona engagement session from R2 Studio:

Owen proposed on our one year anniversary. We went to a local wine bar called 928 Cuvee (we are huge winos) and split a bottle of wine and some appetizers. While walking back to the car the sun was setting and church bells were tolling in the distance. We were walking through downtown Flagstaff through Heritage Square (right in the middle) and it was surprisingly empty. I was in front of Owen and he grabbed my hand, flung me around toward him and said “I can’t wait another minute to put a ring on your finger.” He proposed (no knee though) and of course I said yes!

What is your favorite thing about each other?

What first drew me to Owen was his optimism and positive outlook on life. And, of course, he is totally hot! Owen appreciates the tomboy in me. When we first started dating he would talk about how he loved that I could hang with the boys but then clean up nicely with a sexy dress and heels.

This outdoorsy couple tries to spend their weekends around water as much as possible: We enjoy fishing and camping on our local lakes, Lake Mary and Ashurst. Clear Creek is one of our favs and we frequent Oak Creek Canyon (where the pics were taken) and Beaver Creek. We took a 2 week road trip last summer through Cali and completely fell in love with Lake Tahoe.

Owen and I first met at the Coconino County Juvenile Court in Flagstaff, not as detainee’s but through work! He was working for the County in the facilities department where he took care of the buildings and I was working with the youth as a Prevention Specialist. We would cross paths every now and then with a slight smile and simple wave. I was actually the one that asked him out first!

I love it when the furry babies make it into e-sessions. This is Aspen!

(All images courtesy of: The R2 Studio)

What drew you to you to R2 Studio?

I had worked with Robin in the past on a local public art project. She started R2Studio and I pretty much stalked them on Facebook. We love their lighting and colors. Robin and Renee are both really chill and easy to work with. They make you feel comfortable and at ease.

Can you tell me any details about your wedding?

The theme is a masquerade and we are hoping everyone gets excited about finding unique and fun masks to wear. I bought a white handmade venetian mask, which is gorgeous. We will also be providing masks for people to wear if interested. I want a lot of color and my bridesmaids (5) will all be in different jewel tones and the groomsmen will have either matching ties or pocket squares to match the dresses. We are getting a photobooth through R2studio as well and the guests will have access to the photos after the wedding and this is our party favor to them. Owen and I also love fish tacos and have made it a goal to try all the fish tacos in Flagstaff at the different restaurants and bars. So, during the cocktail hour we are going to have a fish taco stand with 3 different varieties yet to be chosen. Owen and I both love to dance and are looking forward to sharing our love and joy with friends and family.

Doesn’t this sound like so much fun? Congratulations Shannon and Owen and thank you for sharing your engagement pics with us!

Happy Planning from your Arizona Wedding Blog!



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