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Great Find: Paloma’s Nest
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Every once in a while we come across something that makes us swoon and since we don’t want to swoon solo, we must share Paloma’s Nest with you immediately. Lucky Stephanie, who gets all things wedding plopped in her lap, has been coveting the simple and sweet Ring Bearer Bowls and Bouquet Text Tiles for a few weeks just dreaming of spreading the love.

These products have an organic quality to them that whisper authenticity. Maybe it’s the elegant design. Maybe it’s the understated hue. Whatever it is, we are positive you will thank us for sharing Paloma’s Nest with you. Here are some of our favorites:

OK, so now that you’ve seen this, you probably don’t need it but tell a friend’s boyfriend about it so that he can propose in style and you can be a hero!

I’ve been married 10 years and this still produces a tiny lump in my throat.

Sentimental idea, modern approach: Bouquet Text Tile (totally customizable, by the way!)

And can you stand it? These customized hangers are so perfect for a new baby (we’re always thinking ahead)!

Now that you have properly joined us in our adoration, go to Paloma’s Nest– you will probably find something you can’t live without!

Today’s Tip: You will want to clue your photographer in if you have customized details or sentimental trinkets such as these. Sometimes what may seem obviously important to you might not be apparent to those behind the lens. Photographers eat this stuff up so communicate with them!

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Love makes the world go ’round
categories: for your ceremony, real weddings

Guests of the bride sit on the left, guests of the groom sit on the right. Or is it the other way around? How about a new tradition in ceremony seating? We love, love, love the ceremony-in-the-round seating arrangement.  Mindy Roder and Jonathan Schwartz’ swanky wedding at Hotel Valley Ho featured a stunning site that allows all guests a unique view of the ceremony.

Ceremony in the Round

Photography by Sergio Photographer.

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