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Bella Bridesmaids Scottsdale: November Specials!
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Elite Circle bridesmaid shop Bella Bridesmaids has the largest collection of bridesmaid dresses from the world’s leading designers and they have 3 specials happening through the end of November that you’ll want to know about!

Here’s what you can look forward to when you book your appointment and purchase by the end of the month:

Monique Lhuillier – 10% off neutral gowns

Bella Bridesmaids_Scottsdale_november specials_Phoenix Bride and Groom magazine

Jenny Yoo – $15 off chiffon gowns

Bella Bridesmaids_Scottsdale_november specials_Phoenix Bride and Groom magazine

twobirds – 15% off all jersey gowns

Bella Bridesmaids_Scottsdale_november specials_Phoenix Bride and Groom magazine

(Photo: Equinox Photo by Tricia Meeter)

With hundreds of dresses to choose from, your personal Bella stylist is ready for anything. At Bella Bridesmaids, we recognize that every bride has her own vision and each bridesmaid is unique.  We’ll give you personal attention to help you find the right dress for your girls and your day! Give us a call to schedule your appointment!

Call Bella Bridesmaids Scottsdale at (480) 399 8550 or visit the Bella Bridesmaids website

Xoxo, Phoenix Bride & Groom…your complete Arizona wedding magazine and wedding planning resource

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Plus- Size Brides in the Spotlight
categories: bridal fashions, for your ceremony

No matter who you are, who you know, how tall or short, size 2 or size 16, glamorous or earthy, all brides should feel like beautiful goddesses on their wedding days.

In regards to the hunt for the perfect dress, we all have our issues (mine is that lovely non-flat tummy that I inherited from my mother’s family). No matter what, you want to glow. You want everyone to gasp quietly in awe upon their first glimpse of you walking down the aisle. You want your honey to know deep in his heart that he is marrying the most beautiful woman on the planet.

So how to achieve this if you hit the common speedbumps that many plus-size brides encounter while shopping for The Dress?  And what if you have a plus-size  bridesmaids? With New York Fashion Week finally embracing plus-size beauties and networks like TLC acknowledging the plus-size demographic more and more, plus-size brides have many options and are claiming their own spotlight.

And check out this brand new, hot off the presses release of TLC’s “Say Yes to the Dress: Big Bliss” trailer…

Ann from Strut Bridal Salon, a bridal salon that caters to the plus-size bride, advises you to prequalify dress shops by asking the following questions:

  1. Do you carry this brand/style or something similar?  Be sure to be very specific. Some stores, for example, don’t carry mermaid dresses over a size 12. If that’s a style you want to try, be sure to ask if you will be able to put on that silhouette.
  2. Do you have samples to fit a bride size 22-26? Be sure to ask how many dresses they have in a size that will fit you, and then ask if they will zip (as opposed to having a gaping back or just being held against your body).
  3. Is there a day of the week that will be more relaxed for shopping?  Some brides are more comfortable with fewer other wedding parties around.
  4. Do you have a plus size or more mature consultant that can assist me? You may be more comfortable working with sales people that are curvy also.

Sara Mack from Destiny’s Bride , a Scottsdale Bridal Boutique, offers this advice:

1. Keep an open mind and try on different silhouettes- you can be surprised by what you will love. I  find a lot of plus-size brides will allow themselves to be confined to a particular shape to “hide” their shape when certain silhouettes, like the trumpet or modified A-line, show off a fuller shape and are incredibly flattering. 

This modified A-line gown by Jim Hjelm  is a perfect option for plus-size brides!

2. DON’T give up! It can be frustrating for any size bride when the sample doesn’t fit- but don’t get discouraged. Let your bridal consultant help you to see how the gown is supposed to fit by using pins or clips. When you find your dress, you’ll know- because you’ll love it even if the sample is in ivory when you want white or if it doesn’t quite zip up all the way in the back.

3. And a last tip: for fuller busted brides, definitely bring a long-line bra or bustier when you try on gowns. The bustier will give you more support and lift than the sample gowns can and it will give you a better idea of what your gown will look like with alterations.
Here are some more gorgeous gowns that are a great silhouette for plus-size brides:
(Kirstie Kelly for Disney’s Fairy Tale Weddings)
Alfred Angelo has designed a large selection of really beautiful plus-size gowns
In regards to plus-size bridesmaids, Twirl Boutique offers this advice:
1. Choose silhouettes that are forgiving, like a flowy, empire waist, chiffon or other light fabric.
 Flowy, empire, chiffon and light fabric from Jenny Yoo. See?
2. A wrap or jacket can always be added to a spaghetti strap or strapless neckline – this neckline is most often more covering for fuller bust sizes, where v-neck necklines can be very revealing in the cleavage area.  Another good neckline would be a boatneck, but this neckline can also make a fuller bust and fuller arms more obvious. 
This feminine frock by Jim Hjelm has all the bells and whistles that are perfect for any size bridesmaid: chiffon, cap sleeves, empire waist, not-too- revealing v-neck, A-line and the color! So pretty.
This Jim Hjelm dress is a beautifully scaled boatneck and of course in the perfect Fall/Winter Wedding color!
Keri from Twirl Boutique wants brides to know a few things to be aware of when shopping for plus-size bridesmaids dresses:
-Most designers charge an extra fee for sizes over 18
– Most bridal salons have very few store samples of plus sizes, so plus size bridesmaids have to use the boutique consultants’ expertise.
Brides and B-Maids, trust me, it’s not lost on me that the images I have shared with you are mostly NOT plus-size but I wanted to share some insider information with you and give you pictures for reference.
Now go on and be your most beautiful self on your day (and do not let the shopping challenges we ALL encounter discourage you)!  
Chatting Soon~Kelly
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Jenny Yoo Bridal Collection
categories: bridal fashions, floral inspiration, for your ceremony

There is so much to adore about Jenny Yoo and her designs- she consistently creates elegant and current fashions while achieving quality and style. Bridesmaids love wearing her dresses and brides love that she offers so many beautiful choices.

 Bridesmaid Heaven courtesy of Twirl Boutique!

The latest Jenny Yoo designs are scrumptious!

No doubt, these dresses are classically pretty but the kicker is that they are 100% silk and  priced at $645-$1195.  As Keri from Twirl says, that is crazy affordable! Want to change for the reception? These are the perfect reception dress option.

Headed to the beach for your big day? This will work!  

You will undoubtedly have your wow moment with the Jenny Yoo dresses- head on over to Twirl and trust Jenni and Keri’s team of experts to guide you in the right direction.  Happy oohing and ahhing! 

Much thanks to those who contributed:

Dresses: Twirl Scottsdale

Photographer: Trevor Dayley

Flowers: How Appropriate 

Veils: Janet Kirkman

Chatting Soon~Kelly

More of Jenny Yoo’s Bridal Collection (see even more here):


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