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Elite Circle Bridal Shop in Arizona | Laurie’s Bridal and Formal
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You know those people who are considered “whisperers”? They’re the experts who seem to be born to know exactly how to do their job and they do it well every time. Well, Laurie Dickman, owner of Elite Circle bridal shop Laurie’s Bridal and Formal, is a wedding gown whisperer. From the moment you meet Laurie, you feel how passionate she is about wedding gowns and you also sense that you can completely trust her expertise. You’ll trust her to find the gown that will make you feel and look beautiful on your wedding day and you’ll trust her when she pulls a gown to try on that you never would have considered. Laurie will make your wedding gown dreams come true and we want you to know a bit more about her and her beautiful bridal shop in Arizona!

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(Photographer: Saaty Photography, Planner & Florist: Simply Beautiful Wedding Event Planning)

What will brides looking for their wedding gowns find at Laurie’s that they won’t find at any other bridal shop in Arizona? They will find a selection of gowns not offered elsewhere or offered with limited distribution.  Brides always tell me that they don’t necessarily want to see the same gowns all over town.

What are your top 3 tips for brides trying on gowns for the first time?

1. Do not come all decked out. Come dressed comfortably and you do not need to come all made up with make up. Be comfortable. You’re going to be getting in and out of dresses.

2. Bring 1-2 (or sometimes 3) trusted people whose opinions you trust and respect.  Sometimes the entourage is a bit overwhelming and can backfire.

3. Bring pictures.  But also, please be realistic—the pictures you see are professional models. Don’t compare yourself or be too hard on yourself if a dress you love doesn’t look the same on you as it does on a professional model. 
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(Photographer: Lo Capone Images)
Can brides customize their gowns at Laurie’s? We do carry one manufacturer, exclusively available in Scottsdale, who offers full customizable gowns.  We also refer out to local and reliable seamstresses who can do amazing modifications to your gown.
What are you seeing brides gravitating towards as far as bridal fashions that you’re loving right now?  Brides are more conscious about what they want to look like and how comfortable they want to be, rather than going for a particular style of gown. We do sell a little bit of everything so I’m confident that a bride coming into the shop will find her perfect wedding gown.
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(Photographer: SJA Studios)

What is your advice to brides who are concerned about being “too trendy” when choosing their gown? My advice is pure and simple and I’ve said it to almost every bride who’s been in my store: You don’t want to look back at your wedding day pictures 20 years from now and think what was I thinking?  Stay true to who you are.  I even heeded my own advice. I just celebrated my 22nd anniversary and posted my wedding picture.  I STILL love my handmade gown and I would wear it all over again!

What do you want brides to know before coming in to try on gowns at your bridal shop in Arizona? Please keep an open mind, be patient and trust that I know what I’m doing. For me, it’s not always about closing the sale, but making that perfect match between bride and gown.

Bridal Shop in Arizona _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Lo Capone Images_Lauries Bridal and Formal
(Photographer: Lo Capone Images)
What else should we know about this very special bridal shop in Arizona? I treat every bride as if she were my friend, daughter or family member.  I really enjoy what I do and want every bride to just have a fun time shopping for her gown.  It shouldn’t be overwhelming or stressful, but the most enjoyable part of this special day.
One more thing…When brides book appointments, we staff accordingly and set time aside especially for them so it’s unfortunate when they can’t make their appointment and don’t notify us. We see a “no-show” as a missed opportunity for another bride who could have found her dress and while we certainly understand that sometimes brides can’t make their appointment, we just ask that they contact the store and let us know so we can re-schedule their appointment and open up that time slot for another bride!
About Laurie: Originally from New York, Laurie’s flair for fashion began in her teenage years, when she started working part time at a high end clothing and dress boutique in her local mall. In the very early 1990’s, she started working for a leading bridal dress and headpiece manufacturer. Laurie worked her way up and was soon traveling all over the United States as a Trunk Show Coordinator, training store owners and their employees how to properly sell wedding gowns, to educate their customers and to help listen to what the consumer wanted and bring that back to the company. She also helped design bridal headpieces.
Connect with Laurie’s Bridal: (480) 699 3973 |
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