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Should You Hire a Videographer for Your Wedding?
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You probably saw this coming but for the record, we have a firm answer to the question: should you hire a videographer for your wedding? Clearly the answer is YES!!! We went straight to the experts at Something New Media Weddings to get you the insight you need into this wedding planning decision.

In a recent blog post, Something New Media lists 5 reasons why you should hire a videographer. Here’s 3 of them:

Relive the Moments You Missed: As a bride or groom, it is impossible to be everywhere on your wedding day. There are moments that you’ll miss such as your fiancé getting ready before the ceremony, your guests arriving and sharing their excitement with each other or your grandfather wiping a tear from his face during the ceremony…

Hearing Your Vows: …While photos do a fantastic job of capturing the emotion of the day, your wedding film will allow you to hear the personal vows that you exchange with your fiancé, the tone in your voice and the laughter of the audience.

Slow Down Time: …your wedding film will be able to take you back in time and re-experience the butterflies, excitement, love and all around happiness of your wedding day.

We’re not exactly sure why hiring a videographer/cinematographer continues to be an optional wedding vendor in couples’ minds as they plan their weddings but we hope you hear our pleas and take them to heart…you MUST consider a videographer/cinematographer an essential wedding vendor!

To read all 5 complete explanations for Something New Media Weddings’ answer to “Should you hire a videographer for your wedding?”, read their blog!

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