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Should You Hire a Videographer for Your Wedding?
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You probably saw this coming but for the record, we have a firm answer to the question: should you hire a videographer for your wedding? Clearly the answer is YES!!! We went straight to the experts at Something New Media Weddings to get you the insight you need into this wedding planning decision.

In a recent blog post, Something New Media lists 5 reasons why you should hire a videographer. Here’s 3 of them:

Relive the Moments You Missed: As a bride or groom, it is impossible to be everywhere on your wedding day. There are moments that you’ll miss such as your fiancé getting ready before the ceremony, your guests arriving and sharing their excitement with each other or your grandfather wiping a tear from his face during the ceremony…

Hearing Your Vows: …While photos do a fantastic job of capturing the emotion of the day, your wedding film will allow you to hear the personal vows that you exchange with your fiancé, the tone in your voice and the laughter of the audience.

Slow Down Time: …your wedding film will be able to take you back in time and re-experience the butterflies, excitement, love and all around happiness of your wedding day.

We’re not exactly sure why hiring a videographer/cinematographer continues to be an optional wedding vendor in couples’ minds as they plan their weddings but we hope you hear our pleas and take them to heart…you MUST consider a videographer/cinematographer an essential wedding vendor!

To read all 5 complete explanations for Something New Media Weddings’ answer to “Should you hire a videographer for your wedding?”, read their blog!

Connect with Something New Media Weddings Website | Facebook | Call: (602) 730 0478

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Wedding Film: Amanda and Matt’s Hyatt Gainey Ranch Wedding
categories: Scottsdale Weddings, videography, Wedding Inspiration, Wedding Resources

In the Summer Fall 2015 issue of our magazine, we feature the beautiful wedding celebration of Amanda and Matt at Hyatt Regency Scottsdale Resort at Gainey Ranch. Enjoy this Just Married couple’s film by Serendipity Cinematography:

Pick up a copy of Phoenix Bride & Groom or check out the online feature to read all about the couple’s lovely wedding day!

Phoenix Bride & Groom magazine, your complete Arizona wedding planning resource

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Trends in Wedding Cinematography
categories: Meet Our Friends, reception ideas, Trends, videography

Capturing your wedding or love story not only with pictures but with movement and sound is something you don’t want to miss out on and Elite Circle cinematographer Serendipity Cinematography is among the best you will ever find. They continue to innovate in the competitive field of cinematography and really go above and beyond for their clients.

Two trends that are really catching on with Arizona weddings are the Love Story and the Same Day Edit. The Love Story is where Serendipity interviews the couple before their wedding and edits together the stories of how they met, fell in love, and got engaged. This is a great film for couples to show at their wedding reception to give their guests the back story as to how they met and what led them down the aisle.

Here’s a sample of a Love Story from Serendipity Cinematography- Kaylee and David have some GREAT stories to tell!

Kaylee + David from Serendipity Cinematography on Vimeo.

The second trend is the Same Day Edit- a truly amazing option for couples. Taryn of Serendipity Cinematography explains: The Same Day Edit is where we shoot and edit a highlight film to be aired AT the event!! This is for the couple who wants the total WOW factor at their reception. It replaces the lame Photo Montage and is a source of entertainment at your event. A lot of people haven’t seen this done before so guests really enjoy it.

Alicia + Jeremy from Serendipity Cinematography on Vimeo.

If you weren’t sure about making room in your wedding budget for videography/cinematography, surely you know now that you MUST make it a priority!

Find Serendipity Cinematography on the web and follow them on Facebook!

Phoenix Bride & Groom, your Phoenix Wedding Magazine

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Engagement: Sam and Leor
categories: Engagement, photography, videography

Sam and Leor met at college so their ASU “safari” engagement session was fitting. What you are going to notice right away is how vibrant everything is- Sam’s dress, the backgrounds at ASU and this cute couple’s love for each other…

Seriously cute stuff, right?

I love the warmth of these pictures

Here’s my favorite from the session:

(All images Courtesy of: Kimberly Jarman Photography)

What I love about these images is that Sam and Leor seem to really like to be close to each other. They snuggled like the camera wasn’t even there, which is what a lot of couples struggle with. I don’t know if they practiced before their e-session but you certainly can, especially if you tend to tense up when it’s picture time.

I asked Sam and Leor a few questions- here’s what they had to say:

KG: How did you two meet?

S/L: We met one night at a formal for Samantha’s sorority. We both had other dates! We ended up reconnecting 5 months later through mutual friends and realized we were inseparable.

KG: How long did you date before getting engaged?

S/L: We dated a little over 4 years

KG: Leor, what is your favorite thing about Sam (and vice versa)?

Sam: my favorite thing about Leor is how easy going and fun he is. He is always up to try new things. Our favorite is trying new restaurants together!

Leor: There’s a lot of things I love about Sam! Mostly how kind and thoughtful and caring she is to me and everyone around her.

KG: What’s the connection to ASU?

S/L: Leor and I both went to ASU for 4 years graduating a semester apart. We were both involved in Greek life which is how we meet. Usually greek life has a bad reputation but it’s really a great way to meet people. We have several friends getting married this year who met also through Greek life!

KG: What drew you to Serendipity Videography and Kimberly Jarman Photography?

S/L: What drew us to Serendipity was ultimately the work. We saw the video samples and Taryn’s fabulous energy and passion for weddings. What a great combination! Good work & enthusiasm. After seeing our save the date we knew we made the perfect choice. We accidentally ran into Kimberly while meeting with Taryn from Serendipity. She was so sweet and her photo samples were unbelievably sharp and told a story. This is exactly what we wanted out of our photographer. After seeing the photographs from our engagement shoot, we were even more excited for her to shoot our wedding. Her energy & creativity on our shoot really brought to life our idea of shooting on the ASU campus.

KG: When/where are you getting married?

S/L: We are getting married March 31st at the Ritz Carlton in Phoenix

Sam and Leor also shot a Save the Date with Serendipity at their session. Check it out!

Leor + Sam – Save the Date from Serendipity Videography on Vimeo.


Congratulations Sam and Leor- Happy Wedding!

Many thanks to Kimberly Jarman Photography and Serendipity Videography for sharing this fun engagement with us


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Brooks/Ezrailson Wedding:Video Trailer
categories: real weddings, videography

You will be seeing more of this gorgeous couple in the Winter/Spring issue of Phoenix Bride and Groom Magazine as a Wedding Insider but we thought it would be fun to show you the Wedding Trailer expertly crafted by Shoot Me Films.

This wedding trailer has all the makings of a classic: awesome music, heartfelt gifts (the gift Stacey gives Todd before the wedding is adorable), love-filled glances (the way they look into each other’s eyes throughout the evening and Todd’s toast to Stacey is beautiful). Perfection!

Congratulations Stacey and Todd! Thank you for sharing your day with us.

Chatting Soon~ Kelly

Shoot Me Films is an Arizona- based videography company that prides itself on their careful editing and attention to quality.

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Girls and Guys on film!
categories: videography

One of our favorite emerging wedding trends is the wedding movie trailer. We just can’t get enough of these “film shorts”!

Rather than a movie preview, a wedding movie trailer is a brief, artsy recap of the sights and sounds of your wedding–after the fact. We think these 1 to 3 minute films are perfect for sharing on your Facebook page when you just can’t wait to share it with the world.

Sure, your full length wedding video will come, but we bet this is the one you’ll watch over and over again.

Get the Flash Player to see the wordTube Media Player.

Check out this extraordinary wedding at The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa. The trailer captures the elements of two ceremonies–one Indian, one American–celebrated by Amanda and John and their families. The groom even comes in on a white horse!

Thanks to Taryn  and Jeff at Serendipity Video for sharing this slice of the sublime with us.

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