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Wedding Registry Kitchen Gadgets
categories: favor and gift ideas

Today we’re mixing practical with fun as we delve into some new wedding registry kitchen gadgets that we’ve been introduced to recently. Your wedding registry is an opportunity to tell your guests exactly what you need but also what you want. If you want cool kitchen stuff, this is the time to ask for it!

The first of our wedding registry kitchen gadgets is the new and very sleek Soda Stream Source (it received a 2016 BRIDES Registry Award as one of the top 50 products that every couple should include on their registry). We personally love sparkling water- it can be perked up with citrus and is a refreshing low calorie cocktail mixer- so this is a given since not only will you love the actual product it makes but the design is pretty hip.

Wedding Registry Kitchen Gadgets _Phoenix Bride and Groom_white metal source updated bottle side

(Shop Soda Stream)

Another gadget we think a newlywed couples should add to their wedding registry is the Viking Pressure Cooker. You know pressure cookers are the hottest things these days, right (no pun intended!)? This one is a sleek, functional, and can cut cooking time by more than half. The Pressure cooker opens and closes with the turn of a knob, can be used on any cooking surface, and helps save time and energy by reducing cooking time by half or more. The Cooker is easy to use and is made of stainless steel. It also is complete with stay-cool handles so you don’t burn your hands while handling.

Wedding Registry Kitchen Gadgets _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Viking Pressure Cooker

(Viking Pressure Cooker on Amazon)

Are you or your fiance a fan of the Food Network show Chopped? If so, the Chopped 7” Champion would be a fun addition to your wedding registry kitchen gadgets list! It can chop up foods to help make food prep a snap. The cleaver features a durable high-carbon stainless steel blade, sturdy full-tang construction and a triple-rivet ABS handle. It’s perfect for chopping through meats, fish, soft bones and sinew, and even fruits and vegetables.

Wedding Registry Kitchen Gadgets _Phoenix Bride and Groom_Chopped 7inch champion

(Chopped 7” Champion on Amazon)

And finally, you need pots and pans so you might as well register for a set that brings some color into your kitchen! In the era of minimalism, people are always looking to de-clutter and save space and a kitchenware set from AllRecipes is perfect for couples looking to stock their kitchen with essentials without taking up a ton of space. The set is versatile; the saucepans can be used together as a double boiler for velvety chocolate or individually and each piece stacks for easy storage.

Wedding Registry Kitchen Gadgets _Phoenix Bride and Groom_kitchenware set from AllRecipes

(Items found on Amazon)

One more wedding registry kitchen gadgets suggestion that we’ve reviewed, still use, and tell all our newlywed friends about is the T-fal OptiGrill Plus- click here to see it and read our review!

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Wedding Registry Gift for the Kitchen: T-fal OptiGrill Plus
categories: favor and gift ideas

When it comes to wedding registries, we think it’s best to register for items that are actually useful to you as a couple rather than what a generic list tells you to register for. If you’re not into fancy dinner parties, why ask guests to purchase a set of formal china? Wouldn’t you rather get items for your new home that will become your go-to gadgets? In the spirit of practicality and newlywed bliss, we introduce the T-fal OptiGrill Plus- our most recent wedding registry gift for the kitchen crush!

Wedding Registry Gift for the Kitchen _Phoenix Bride and Groom_TFALOPTIGRILLPLUS

We actually had the opportunity to use a T-fal OptiGrill Plus in our own kitchen and to say it’s easy to use is an understatement. We made two things- first up were cheese quesadillas (the kids couldn’t wait to see if their favorite lunch could be cooked without hovering over the range) and second was grilled chicken. Both were grilled perfectly! We should add, the chicken may have been a bit lonely- we left the room to fold laundry while it grilled all on its own (yep, the grill will tell you when it’s ready so you don’t have to do the usual stand by, flip, stand by, etc.)

Here’s a quick (and very amateur) video of the first time we grilled chicken with the T-fal OptiGrill Plus; expert tip: line the drip tray with foil so you can just wrap up the drippings and throw them away, saving yourself the step of cleaning the drip tray each time:

So why should you include a T-fal OptiGrill Plus in your wedding registry? Well, if you live in Arizona, you know that during the summer, it’s already 110+ degrees and to be required to stand by a hot grill outside and make dinner is just cruel and even if you don’t live in Arizona, the sheer convenience of having a grill that just needs to be plugged in is pretty darn irresistible!

Wedding Registry Gift for the Kitchen_Phoenix Bride and Groom_59715744132668p__3

There’s one more reason strongly urge you to consider this wedding registry gift for the kitchen- the clean up. You won’t believe it until you actually use it yourself but all you do is remove the two grill plates, wipe them with a paper towel to remove any extra bits, and pop the plates into the dishwasher. Even easier, in our opinion, hand wash them. It literally takes about 20 seconds thanks to the genius of T-fal!

Get more details and a much more in depth video about the T-fal OptiGrill Plus here.

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Wedding Registry Ideas: Julia Knight Collection
categories: entertainment, favor and gift ideas, Wedding Inspiration

Adding a few items from the Julia Knight Collection to your registry is one of our favorite wedding registry ideas because there’s a wide range of pieces that can complement your newlywed nest no matter what your entertaining style is. Plus, the handcrafted artisan quality means you’ll treasure these pieces for generations to come.

Julia Knight offers 16 named collections and within those collections are several color and metal options. From the “Queen Bee” Collection: It’s subtle yet significant. The iconic golden bee makes her cameo appearances in our Queen Bee Collection. Resting with an air of entitlement on a stunning honeycomb pattern, the setting gets its buzz from a busy Parisian rue.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Wedding Registry Ideas_Julia Knight Collection_queen-bee-collection

See the bee? Here’s a close up:

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Wedding Registry Ideas_Julia Knight Collection_queen-bee-collection_snow 3 part server

From the “Eclipse” Collection: By hand, by design, Eclipse is the epitome of artisan authenticity. The Collection’s imperfect shapes are perfectly natural, showcasing light-filled beauty in one-of-a-kind pieces.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Wedding Registry Ideas_Julia Knight Collection_Eclipse_760x300

Wedding Registry Ideas: When considering what to register for, don’t forget to register for some classic pieces that you can use year round that serve several purposes- a gorgeous cake stand can hold a variety of foods or even be the base of a beautiful flower arrangement.

From the “Classic” Collection: Timeless and timely, our Classic Collection is a premier presentation of clean-line sophistication and mother-of-pearl allure – perfect for spontaneous gatherings or top-shelf soirees.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Wedding Registry Ideas_Julia Knight Collection_ClassicCollection

Wedding Registry Ideas: A bit of whimsy can be incorporated into your entertaining collection and beachy or tropical themed serving dishes are a great way to lighten things up.

From the “By the Sea” Collection: The lore of the sea draws on a bountiful catch of myth and mystery. Shells and sea creatures tell an adventurous tale at tableside – a spread of textural beauty amidst the salty, misty fog.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Wedding Registry Ideas_Julia Knight Collection_By_the_sea_760x300

From the “Exotic Tropics” Collection (you know the pineapple motif is huge right now in everything from clothing to weddings, right?!)

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Wedding Registry Ideas_Julia Knight Collection_ExoticTropics_2

From the “Diamond” Collection: Manhattan Upper East Side? Chicago Gold Coast? San Francisco Nob Hill? You get the picture. Pull out the stops and feel the allure of elegance from our Diamond Collection bar and serveware. It leaves nothing to the entertaining imagination. Just add guests and go.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Wedding Registry Ideas_Julia Knight Collection_Diamond Phoenix Bride and Groom_Wedding Registry Ideas_Julia Knight Collection_diamond-collection

Wedding Registry Ideas: Registering for items that are both gold and silver allows for versatility in your entertaining and mixing metals is a sign of a truly modern couple’s style.

From the “Florentine Gold” Collection: Host an evening of opulence in Florentine style. This collection graces the scene with classic, golden luxury – inspired by the arched design of a 24K gold bracelet handpicked in a Firenza market.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Wedding Registry Ideas_Julia Knight Collection_FlorentineGold780

Visit the Julia Knight Collection website for even more wedding registry ideas!

 Phoenix Bride & Groom, your complete Arizona wedding magazine and wedding planning resource

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Online Wedding Registry from Snowe
categories: favor and gift ideas, Tips and Advice, Wedding Resources

As a couple planning a wedding, you’ll need to consider what to add to your wedding registry because even if you REALLY only want cash, you know that some of your guests aren’t comfortable with that plan. Your choices then become: A. register for at least a few items that you really want or B. risk getting a random gift that you’ll never use from a well-meaning gift giver. If you agree that registering for things you really want is the best option, then let us tell you about Snowe!

Snowe, which just recently launched it’s wedding registry, is a home essentials company that simplifies the process of finding luxury-level housewares. The first thing we noticed, and really liked, about the site is how Snowe organizes their products into 4 categories- Eat, Drink, Sleep and Bathe, making it an ideal one-stop-shop for everything you’ll need for your newlywed nest. 

Phoenix Bride and Groom_ wedding registry_Snowe Home

Snowe’s kitchen, bath, bed and homewares come in classic ivory, white and grey tones, offering Limoges porcelain serveware, Titanium-fired glassware, and Italian-made linens, each made of the same quality as many familiar, luxury brands, offered in one destination.

Bundles and Gifts are also available so you can stock your wedding registry with individual pieces or larger groupings- either way, the result is you getting a beautiful start to your new home or a refresh to your current home!

Phoenix Bride and Groom_ wedding registry_Snowe Home

We love the names of these candles!

Phoenix Bride and Groom_ wedding registry_Snowe Home

There are a few notable perks of completing your wedding registry on Snowe- the registry offers an expert guide so you’re not flying solo when you begin choosing your items and you can opt to receive your gifts immediately or put them on hold until you’re ready for them (so if you’re going on a honeymoon or moving shortly after you get married, you don’t have to deal with the gifts until the time is right) PLUS, Snowe offers a “thank you manager”, easy returns and exchanges, and a post-wedding discount.

Phoenix Bride and Groom_ wedding registry_Snowe Home

Phoenix Bride and Groom_ wedding registry_Snowe Home

This is the “Complete Home Bundle”- add it to your wedding registry and you’ll be golden!

Phoenix Bride and Groom_ wedding registry_Snowe Home

To learn more about Snowe and to get your wedding registry started, click here!

Phoenix Bride & Groom, your complete Arizona wedding magazine and wedding planning resource

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Great Find: Livliga Aveq Wine Glasses
categories: favor and gift ideas, health and beauty, trends in catering

We’ve heard of many couples who kick their fitness routines and nutrition goals into high gear almost the instant a date is set for their wedding so when we come across something that can assist with those goals, we share it!

Today’s “Great Find” is from Livliga: …founded in early 2011 in Boulder, Colorado, [Livliga] was conceived out of a personal desire to find an answer to our supersized world surrounding eating and to find a better solution beyond the ugly “diet plate”. Sheila Kemper Dietrich, Livliga Founder and CEO, recognized the need to “right-size” the food environment and set off to develop a suite of everyday products, which included discrete portion control and subtle reminders, for a balanced diet to support a healthy lifestyle.

The Aveq wine glass features artful portion control designs and surely you’ll agree that a set makes for an elegant wedding gift:

Phoenix Bride and Groom_Arizona Wedding_glassware_wedding gift_Livliga Aveq Wine Glass

What we like so much about the Livliga Aveq wine glasses is that couples can still enjoy entertaining and heck, we all know a glass of wine or two helps with wedding planning stress, right?!

The glasses were designed to make the recommended serving of wine look plentiful to the eye, and therefore satisfying. Here’s how it works:
o Top Line: 6 ounces
o Bulls Eye: 5 ounces
o Bottom Line: 4 ounces

Livliga Aveq wine glasses:
– Are chip resistant and dishwasher safe
– Portion control designs are etched, so they won’t rub off or fade
– A set of four glasses retails for $49.95

The Aveq wine glass is part of a whole suite of right-sized portion control products, including glassware, serveware, and dishware. Discover more (including a cute line for kids) at

Phoenix Bride & Groom, your complete Arizona wedding planning resource

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For Your Newlywed Nest: KRUPS (and a giveaway!)
categories: favor and gift ideas, Giveaways and Contests

The first time I heard of the KRUPS brand, I was in high school, saying goodbye to my brother, as he settled into his college dorm with his new roommate. Said roommate came with a only a few select items- a Rolex, a new car, a Louis Vuitton suitcase, and his KRUPS machine. Of the four, I think he was most proud of his KRUPS coffee maker (he set it up immediately and couldn’t wait to brew us a cup of coffee, claiming it would change our lives). The coffee was delicious and like no other I had tasted so you understand that my high regard for KRUPS runs deep. It symbolizes being grown up, having fine taste, and not settling…kind of like getting married!

We know KRUPS products are a fabulous addition to any newlywed nest and with the recent release of new products, we thought the time was right to make a formal introduction so you can add them to your registry pronto.

This is one of my favorites- the KRUPS BeerTender. The KRUPS BeerTender Peltier silent cooling system provides constant and consistent cooling keeping it at the ideal temperature of 37.4 degrees F, letting you draught your own beer at home like an expert. Easy to operate, just run the keg’s plastic tube to the KRUPS BeerTender tap and you’re done.


If this gorgeous set doesn’t scream “We’re grown up AND have style!”, I don’t know what does. The KRUPS Silver Art Collection brings elegance to the kitchen. The Collection was created by some of Europe’s top designers and each product is a combination of superior technology, meticulous engineering, graceful design and unparalleled functionality…Selected materials and surfaces: high gloss chrome and contrastive elements of natural wood.

Krups_Silver Art Collection

The Solo Steam Espresso Machine is an easy-to-operate, personal steam-driven espresso machine features a 16-oz. glass carafe ideal for preparing espresso drinks and keeping beverages warm while frothing milk to make cappuccino and lattes. The compact size takes up little space on any counter and comes with a control dial and pressure safety valve. 


The Giveaway

This powerhouse espresso maker is like having a barista right in your kitchen and it could be yours! KRUPS is offering one Phoenix Bride & Groom reader their every own Solo Steam Espresso Machine to kick- start their Newlywed Nest. How do you win?

– Go to the KRUPS website, browse the site, make note of your favorite KRUPS product and come back to this blog post

– On this blog post, leave a comment telling us what your favorite KRUPS product is. Make sure your email is correct since this is how we will get in touch with you if win.

– Do all of this no later than March 31, 2013, then sit tight. We will contact you via email if you are the winner! *All comments, likes, shares and pins must be submitted by midnight, March 31, 2013 to be eligible to win. Entrants must be U.S. residents, 18 years or older and planning a wedding by 12/31/2014. Winners will be selected through a random drawing and will be notified by email. Failure to respond within 24 hours will result in forfeiture.

How can you earn extra entries?

1. Go to the Phoenix Bride & Groom Facebook Page, “Like” our page if you haven’t already, and leave a comment on our KRUPS giveaway Facebook post that begins with “WIN a Krups USA Solo Steam Espresso Machine!…” (your Facebook comment must appear on the KRUPS Giveaway post to be considered as a bonus entry).

2. “Share” the KRUPS giveaway post from our Facebook page onto your Facebook timeline

3. Visit us on Pinterest, locate our “Newlywed Nest” board, and re-pin any of the items we’ve pinned onto your own Pinterest board.

(Deadline for all blog comments, Facebook comments/shares, and Pinterest pins is March 31, 2013)

Good Luck and Happy Planning!






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