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Wedding Registry Gift for the Kitchen: T-fal OptiGrill Plus
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When it comes to wedding registries, we think it’s best to register for items that are actually useful to you as a couple rather than what a generic list tells you to register for. If you’re not into fancy dinner parties, why ask guests to purchase a set of formal china? Wouldn’t you rather get items for your new home that will become your go-to gadgets? In the spirit of practicality and newlywed bliss, we introduce the T-fal OptiGrill Plus- our most recent wedding registry gift for the kitchen crush!

Wedding Registry Gift for the Kitchen _Phoenix Bride and Groom_TFALOPTIGRILLPLUS

We actually had the opportunity to use a T-fal OptiGrill Plus in our own kitchen and to say it’s easy to use is an understatement. We made two things- first up were cheese quesadillas (the kids couldn’t wait to see if their favorite lunch could be cooked without hovering over the range) and second was grilled chicken. Both were grilled perfectly! We should add, the chicken may have been a bit lonely- we left the room to fold laundry while it grilled all on its own (yep, the grill will tell you when it’s ready so you don’t have to do the usual stand by, flip, stand by, etc.)

Here’s a quick (and very amateur) video of the first time we grilled chicken with the T-fal OptiGrill Plus; expert tip: line the drip tray with foil so you can just wrap up the drippings and throw them away, saving yourself the step of cleaning the drip tray each time:

So why should you include a T-fal OptiGrill Plus in your wedding registry? Well, if you live in Arizona, you know that during the summer, it’s already 110+ degrees and to be required to stand by a hot grill outside and make dinner is just cruel and even if you don’t live in Arizona, the sheer convenience of having a grill that just needs to be plugged in is pretty darn irresistible!

Wedding Registry Gift for the Kitchen_Phoenix Bride and Groom_59715744132668p__3

There’s one more reason strongly urge you to consider this wedding registry gift for the kitchen- the clean up. You won’t believe it until you actually use it yourself but all you do is remove the two grill plates, wipe them with a paper towel to remove any extra bits, and pop the plates into the dishwasher. Even easier, in our opinion, hand wash them. It literally takes about 20 seconds thanks to the genius of T-fal!

Get more details and a much more in depth video about the T-fal OptiGrill Plus here.

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